Brightly Cutting through the Dreary Days

February has always been one of my least favorite months. Being in Japan has done little to change that. However, the weather hasn’t been too bad, so I have been able to combat the winter blues by going out of my apartment. Work has been good and I’ve been throwing myself into my lessons. I’ve […]

Colorful Autumn

All of a sudden, the leaves have gone from green to multicolored, seemly in the blink of an eye. All sorts of colors are on display this fall, contrary to my former predictions. For that I am glad.

Goodbye Nextan & Hello Sammy

Over the weekend, my dear phone “Nextan” gave up the ghost. My Nexus had been showing signs of its age for a while now, but it came to a head Friday night. After many “fevers” (battery overheating issue, common in that particular make) and a few comas (random black screens/shut downs), Nextan was given a […]

Little Spots of Color

Mom and I celebrated Labor Day by going out to eat yesterday. We had intended to have some sushi, but our usual spot was closed due to a lack of patrons. Instead we split some wings and salad at the nearby Whole Foods. On the way back, we came across a lovely flower arrangement on […]