The Garden Grows

My small garden has been doing well recently. My tomato plant is starting to bloom and my cucumbers are trying to climb up my wall. Everything is going according to plan.

April Changes

So, April is finally here. With it comes an array of changes. One of which relates to my job. I’ve been reassigned to Gifu prefecture after 6 long months of working in Toyohashi City. No more 2+ hours of commuting! Hopefully that means that I’ll have more time and energy to put towards my hobbies […]

On our way

Today dragged on and on. Usually, when I have weekend plans to look forward to, my Saturday fly by, but today time moved like molasses. I only had six lessons, instead of the usual seven or eight, with any downtime being used to correct essays or do paperwork. But all I could think about was […]

Little Sunflowers

One of my neighbours started growing sunflowers in front of their house. I bet one hundred yen that these things are going to be the size of my head by the end of the summer. Any takers?

Contrasting Colors

My second week working in Mie is finally over. I have a few more days next week, but I won’t have to work up so early next Saturday. Two more days in Mie and a few more days in Narumi.┬áThe rest of the month is in the office, but a long holiday is coming up. […]

Memorial Day

  Happy Memorial Day, everyone. To those who have served, thank you. To those who couldn’t be here with us, and their families, we are grateful and we promise to remember you.


I’ve been seeing a lot of daffodils around lately. It’s been the go-to flower for garderners in Yonkers this year, while the Tulip has become the popular flower of White Plains. As much as I like daffodils, the yellow color makes them a little hard to photograph, since the yellow tends to show up as […]