My First Non-Company-Owned Apartment 

Tomorrow I sign a lease for my new apartment. The new teacher is coming to Anjo a couple of days after my birthday and will be taking my current living space. To make things easier for myself, as well as have a space to put off my stuff, I asked my boss if I could […]

Growing Nearer

August is almost over and with it, my time in Anjo. In mid-September, my contract ends, and I will be returning to Nagoya. I don’t have much in the way of plans yet, other than to move into a new apartment and look for a new job. Now I have a little over a year […]

Taking Things Day by Day

Much like last week, this week has been going by at a decent rate. I’ve already finished off two work days, with minimal headache, and am thinking about the weekend. I don’t remember things being so relaxed during my time as an ET. Most days I left early and came home late, which didn’t bother […]


Although the week passed rather quickly, it was rife with stress. Most of it was internal, since I’m getting used to some staff changes at my school. In one way it’s been a blessing, since the new guy took about half of my kids classes, but rough in other ways. I think I just need […]

Parting Ways

A lot of people from my initial training group are going back to their respective countries this weekend, including the first friend I made here in Japan. A year has come and gone, so now their contracts are up and it’s time to go home. However, I and a very small few are staying here […]

The Not-Sorry Sorry

  For many years I worked various retails job and I thing I noticed was the avoidance of the word sorry. I don’t mean that it was never said, but it always seemed so carefully phrased to brush off any blame on the company’s part. At a few jobs, we were actively discouraged or outright […]

Winds of Change

Big changes are coming in June. I will be moving again as well as starting a new work contract. This time, however, it will be at a branch school. As a kids’ teacher. It all happened so quickly. One moment I was trying to figure out where I was going to live this summer and […]

Candy Stripes

These flowers have been popping up all over the place recently. I’m not entirely sure what sort it is (maybe a carnation or some sort?), but they’re pretty. I could use some pretty right now. This week has been a bit difficult. I’m in the middle of a rather tiring assignment, where I am splitting […]

Goodbye Anjo

Today is my last day at Anjo. In some ways it’s a good thing, but in many more it’s a bad one. It’s the last time my group of friends will be in one sport for a while. April is the time for change here in Japan. Rchan is being transferred. KT is leaving the […]

Office Ikebana

Throughout November and half of December, I spent a lot of time warming my desk in the regional office. Since I’m and Emergency Teacher, I am actually considered an employee of the Education department of my company. Since the new year, I’ve been out in the field much more. However I do still work in […]

Brightly Cutting through the Dreary Days

February has always been one of my least favorite months. Being in Japan has done little to change that. However, the weather hasn’t been too bad, so I have been able to combat the winter blues by going out of my apartment. Work has been good and I’ve been throwing myself into my lessons. I’ve […]