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Winter Continues

2016-02-14 23.28.26

Winter seems to want to make up for all the decent weather we had during December and January. This (last?) weekend, New York was plunged into a horrible cold spell. It is said that the temperature and windchill Sunday morning broke the record for the coldest recorded temperature since we started recording such things in the late 1800s.

An Autumn Walk


I went out walking with Brother recently. All the trees are turning a lovely gold color, contrary to my expectations. I was certain that fall would miss us this year, but seems we might just get a little autumn after all. For that I’m glad.

It was really chilly out and very windy, but overall nice. It’s November, so it’s to be expected, but I’m missing those 70 degree days already. However, today and tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s. I can get into that.


If it wasn’t for the fact that I have a lot of assignments due this week, I’d take advantage of tomorrow’s free day at the botanical gardens tomorrow. I would totally sneak out early and take a walk for a few hours. Maybe I can see if I can finish my work tonight and wake up early to go, before heading to my internship? Yes, I know, I’m a horrible horrible person…

But I like nature too damn much! And it’s going to be cold soon! ((I don’t like the cold))

I’ll figure something out… but remember, this all hinges on my getting my paper done tonight and not being too dead after pulling another all nighter. Wish me luck!




Monochrome Monday: Gamma


Welcome back for Monochrome Monday, week 3. This time, we have the woods in black and white.


I have always liked exploring the woods and anything pertaining to nature. I drive my family crazy, since I’m often dragging them here, there, and everywhere (always while taking pictures!) Poor brother has been made to walk miles at a time, at my insistence. I can barely think of a time when mom though my tree-hugging, forest frolicking tenancies were cute.


Since it seems to be becoming a thing, here’s a question: if you could go anywhere in the world (and stay a bit), where would it be? Would you be surrounded by people or nature? Would it be loud or quiet? What would you bring?