White like Snow

There is a Christmas Village in Nagoya this year. On the way home from hanging out with a few friends, I had a look around. It was cute and a nice little change of pace from the dreariness that is December.


Spent almost all of the three day weekend in bed due to a bad sore throat and cold. My voice still isn’t 100%, but I can speak again, so it’s back to the grind for me.

A Snow Falls in Aichi

Got our first significant amount of snowfall this evening. I was on assignment at my old school in Anjo when my friend told me that we were forecast to get a decent amount of snow this afternoon. It was supposed to star around three, but it started sometime around five or six.  It delayed the […]

The First Snowfall

Nagoya saw its first big snowfall last weekend. The storm hit Aichi, Gifu, and Mie, dropping up to 15 cm of snow in some places. The snow started around 10 am, around the time I had to head into work. It got heavier as the day went on.   The trains were delayed about 45 […]


February is almost over, which I hope means that the cold weather will go with it. I know, we’ve had worse winters and that March could go either way, but I am counting down the days.

More Winter

More pictures from the cold snap last weekend. These were taken Monday morning on the way into work. A small stream that cus through some of the properties near my office had frozen over completely.

Winter Continues

Winter seems to want to make up for all the decent weather we had during December and January. This (last?) weekend, New York was plunged into a horrible cold spell. It is said that the temperature and windchill Sunday morning broke the record for the coldest recorded temperature since we started recording such things in […]


I see this bicycle every morning on my way to work. I have no idea who it belongs to and am frankly surprised to still see it chained there day and night. It’s illegal to chain a bike up at any property belonging to the MTA, so I’m always expecting to see the chain cut […]

Winter’s Embrace

This morning we’rein the midst of amother snowfall. Forecasts call for 3 to 6 inches. Schools are on a 2 hour delay, while most public transportation seems to be running on a “whenever we get there, we get there” basis. I’m following their lead. When I woke up, I was dreading the commute, but once […]