Candy Stripes

These flowers have been popping up all over the place recently. I’m not entirely sure what sort it is (maybe a carnation or some sort?), but they’re pretty. I could use some pretty right now. This week has been a bit difficult. I’m in the middle of a rather tiring assignment, where I am splitting […]

A Baby Crocus

Today I used a train station that I haven’t been to in some time. Besides being on a line that I rarely use anymore (I take the Hudson line now instead of the Harlem line), it’s a station I’m not overly comfortable being at alone, and the walk there is a bit longer that to […]

Winter Continues

Winter seems to want to make up for all the decent weather we had during December and January. This (last?) weekend, New York was plunged into a horrible cold spell. It is said that the temperature and windchill Sunday morning broke the record for the coldest recorded temperature since we started recording such things in […]


I see this bicycle every morning on my way to work. I have no idea who it belongs to and am frankly surprised to still see it chained there day and night. It’s illegal to chain a bike up at any property belonging to the MTA, so I’m always expecting to see the chain cut […]

Still a tad snowy

I think the days following a blizzard are much more stressful than anything else. Getting around while there are 5 food snow dunes at every corner and curbside is maddening.


This are my mom’s favorite flower. For her birthday, I bought a small honeysuckle scented candle. It’s gone now (she burnt it a while back) but I admit that it did smell rather nice.

One More Month

One more month and the school year will be over. I have a feeling that it’ll go by quickly. I’m not sure how I’ll be the last day of class. This is my first year working in an academic setting and it’s been much different that I thought it would be. I learned a lot […]

More Snow?

The forecast’s are calling for another snowstorm, starting tonight, lasting until tomorrow evening. After the last storm, which closed almost all of New York and promised unseen levels of snowfall, the weathermen are hesitant to declare any estimates for how much snow we are to get. That said, I have no idea how things are […]

Baby, it’s Cold Outside…

The last few days have been terribly cold, here in New York. The temperature has been in the teens and single digits for days, with wind chills dipping into the negatives in some places. Yesterday, the low was 7 degrees Fahrenheit. It was really unpleasant. Especially at work, where I’m near the door in the […]