Exposure – The Waterfall

When I went to Tokugawa Gardens, I played around with the settings on my camera. I wanted to emulate the types of flowing water shots you see in photography books.

So step one was to find a waterfall. I lucked out because this particular fall has a lot of little mini ones as well.

Step two was to find a spot to camp out with my gear. I don’t have a proper tripod yet, so I needed a place where I could sit or couch, and be out of other people’s way. I found a large stone IN the river that led off of the falls.

After setting up, I started snapping away, hoping for the best. I quickly learned that I had to keep the camera still for several seconds after shooting for best results. So, I ended up kneeling, and resting the camera (facing slightly upwards) on my lap.

All in all, I think they turned out alright. What do you think?


A year in Review

2017 is almost over. So what happened this year? What did I do with it?

  • worked and traveled a lot 
  • made some friends 
  • said goodbye to a few friends
  • got my own apartment
  • took a Japanese test
  • did important life stuff in a foreign language
  • gained, lost, then regained weight
  • accepted myself a bit more and became less uncomfortable wearing and presenting as I really want to
  • blogged more regularly or at least tried to
  • stopped getting chonic hives and came off a year plus round of steriods
  • started singing more seriously and entered a few contests/battled
  • just had a good year in general

A Bright New Start


I got a call from the company my brother works for yesterday. I was offered a job. The job starts later today. The commute is a bit long, but the pay and hours are good, so I can’t mind too much. Through it, I should be able to start paying down my loans.


From what was said yesterday, it looks like I’m going to be assigned to a similar department as my brother’s. I am now officially another cog in the corporate machine. I’m so happy!! ((I really am, I always wanted to have an office job like this.))


I will probably update either later today or tomorrow about my first impressions of my new job. Of course, I plan to omit anything too incriminating or anything that can traced back to the actual company or myself.

Wish me luck!