Aichi SoE Art Challenge: Days 4 & 5

A while back I wrote about an art challenge that I issued to myself when Aichi first put the state of emergency into effect. That challenge was to produce one piece of art for every day I was home under the SoE. However, in that time I only completed five pieces before turning my attention […]

Tulip Week 03

I would love to have a garden filled with white tulips. It’s one of the flowers I’m not allergic to. If I ever get a house, with a yard, these are going to be one of the first things I plant.

Tulip Week 01

During my last visit to Osaka, there was a flower festival near where I was to catch my bus home. For 1000 yen, I could see tons of flowers, buy plants, and visit a cute little cafe.

Graduating Today

So, my graduation ceremony is later today. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I asked for the day off from work and received it, so I’m going to do a few things before heading over to the venue. This includes meeting friends and getting ready. I was set a task, by my brother, […]

Throwback Tuesday 003

Another throwback from April 2008 today. These were growing in a small park in White Plains, judging by the other shots in the folder. Over the years, a lot of my posts were of photos taken in this very small park. White Plains, on the whole, is very pretty in the spring. A lot of […]

Smell the Rainbow

By the train station I use everyday are several small patches of tulips. Almost every color imaginable is represented in these bunches, and I like to appreciate them for a moment or two on my walks from the station and back. There is just something refreshing about looking at nature for me. I’m just so […]

Yellow 2014A

The water cascaded from above, creating a wall of white and silver. Before it stood a small splash of color. The flowers glowed a radiant sunshine yellow, while the leaves and stems swayed like large chips of emerald. It was peaceful here and she did not want to leave it. “I think I should like […]


I really like tulips, but they are rather hard to photograph. I don’t know why it is, but they reflect light in such a way I get white spots in my pictures. Also, it was a little difficult to get all the pollen off my phone…