2020 Non-Photography Photo Journal

Aichi SoE Art Challenge: Days 4 & 5

Tulips drawn and coloured in marker.

A while back I wrote about an art challenge that I issued to myself when Aichi first put the state of emergency into effect. That challenge was to produce one piece of art for every day I was home under the SoE. However, in that time I only completed five pieces before turning my attention elsewhere. I poted the first three in am earlier post and now am posting the final two.

Fresca in a glass vase.

Tulip Week 05


This ends tulip week (or is it tulip work week?). Hope you enjoyed


Tulip Week 04


Since these were planted in Osaka, does that mean an army of Osaka Grannies came out en mass to set these up?

2017 Photo Journal

Tulip Week 03


I would love to have a garden filled with white tulips. It’s one of the flowers I’m not allergic to. If I ever get a house, with a yard, these are going to be one of the first things I plant.


Tulip Week 02


Yellow flowers are actually pretty difficult to photograph. The light reflects off of them a bit strangely at times.

2017 Photo Journal

Tulip Week 01


During my last visit to Osaka, there was a flower festival near where I was to catch my bus home. For 1000 yen, I could see tons of flowers, buy plants, and visit a cute little cafe.

2015 Photo Journal

Graduating Today


So, my graduation ceremony is later today. I’m not sure how I feel about this.

I asked for the day off from work and received it, so I’m going to do a few things before heading over to the venue. This includes meeting friends and getting ready. I was set a task, by my brother, to see if I can surprise my teachers/classmates by showing them what I look like when I used to model. Since I quit working in the fashion industry, I’ve rarely ever worn make up or concerned myself overly so with my appearance. As part of the task, I’m going to do full hair and make-up for the ceremony.

Part of me is excited to do this, while the other half of me just wants to grab the damn diploma and be done with it. That’s the lazy part of me, I guess. As a compromise, I plan to wear casual clothes (including my garish orange flippy-flops) under my regalia. It’s not like anyone’s going to see it, with all the layers and sashes I will be wearing.


2015 Photo Journal

Throwback Tuesday 003


Another throwback from April 2008 today. These were growing in a small park in White Plains, judging by the other shots in the folder. Over the years, a lot of my posts were of photos taken in this very small park.


White Plains, on the whole, is very pretty in the spring. A lot of the buildings have professionals plan beautiful landscapes for them, especially in the downtown area. Between these landscapes and the abundance of cherry blossom trees, there is no lack of things to take picture of.

2014 Photo Journal

Smell the Rainbow


By the train station I use everyday are several small patches of tulips. Almost every color imaginable is represented in these bunches, and I like to appreciate them for a moment or two on my walks from the station and back. There is just something refreshing about looking at nature for me.


I’m just so glad that the nice weather is here. The past winter was just too brutal (even by New York standards) and I was wondering if the warm weather would ever come back. It’s already the 20th of May and things are sharping up nicely. The temperatures have averaged in the 60s (around 17-19 Celsius), which is perfect for me. It’s not too hot or too cold.


It’s been making me think about the summer more: what I want/will be doing. I will be taking classes until mid-August, working weekends, and struggling through a tough series of group projects. It would be nice if I could find time to see the ocean or watch some fireworks, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Unless… I can go to the beach and back during one of my gap periods…? Like I said, unlikely.


Another thing about summer I’ve been looking forward to was grilled foods. Last year I won a panini-maker (grill thing) in a contest which, according to the instructions, can be used to grill fish/chicken/vegetables. Nothing beats grilled corn and asparagus though! Whole foods make them really well, but the prices are outrageous! I’ll have to see if I can try making them at home, without setting off the fire alarm. Maybe if I do it next to the window in the living room, with a fan facing outside, it might work?


Also, in August, a high school friend of mine is getting married. My brother has been asked to be a groomsmen in the ceremony and has been looking forward to going since the wedding has been decided. I’m very happy for my friend and wish the happy couple all the best. Of course, I’m having a little trouble picking out a gift for the soon to be newly weds.


In September, I’ll be starting my final semester of school (which includes my internship), as well as submitting some applications to work abroad. Things are moving too quickly sometimes. Before we know it, it’ll be 2015, and we’ll be wondering where the year went. However, for now it is still May 20th, and the tulips are still here.

2014 Photo Journal

Yellow 2014A


The water cascaded from above, creating a wall of white and silver. Before it stood a small splash of color. The flowers glowed a radiant sunshine yellow, while the leaves and stems swayed like large chips of emerald. It was peaceful here and she did not want to leave it.

“I think I should like to linger here a while longer,” she said to the man next to her. Her eyes were transfixed on the sight ahead.

“But what of the sacred wall of memories, which we seek?”

“What of it?”

“The longer we stay here, the longer it will take to find… we have not the time to spare, sister. The sun steadily makes its way towards the east and soon enough shall set. What then?” Anxious hands tangled together, locking and unlocking together, as their owner looked towards where they came.

“The wall has been there for ages and will be there still tomorrow. It has waited and will continue to do so. These flowers, however, will not. Time will trample upon them soon enough, so let’s rest for now, and enjoy them when we can.”

With that the maiden lay next to the patch of flowers, watching the water fall from through tangled stems. Soon enough she found herself asleep and in the world of dreams, as her brave brother looked on.