I had a sudden assignment in Kuwana today. The information about my lessons was given to me a little after I arrived, so I was given a little time to prepare. I headed out around one to buy my ticket and catch the train.


Sleepy Little Town


Anjo is proving to be a sleepy little town after all. I spent the majority of the last weekend bumming around in my shorts and a tanktop, but halfway through Monday, I was feeling the call if the big city. There really isn’t anything interesting around my place aside from a few shops, an onsen, and a crappy cinema.

The Little Things

2015-10-12 19.12.42

Things have been so busy at work that I’ve been trying to put aside some time each day to go for a walk or relax next to the river. This may be before work, during lunch, or after I get out. Regardless of what part of the day I take my ten-to-twenty, I make sure leave everything behind me during this time. No worrying over deadlines allowed!

Looking Back


How often do we look back at where we’ve come from? More often than we should? Maybe. But how often do we look back on those who helped us get to where we are now? How often do we look back on those who cared for us, without our knowledge, through just being? That last sentence must sound confusing. I mean, the people whom we have very little contact with (if any), without whom we could not exist. Think ancestors, think employees who had come before you, hell think people who invented or created something you use everyday! How often do we think about these people? Probably not as much as we should.