The Floating World of Ardsley

Ardsley train station is an odd one, seemingly floating in the middle of the Hudson River. The first time I saw it, I was reminded of a scene in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し), where the main character rides a train on tracks that run through a river. There is one moment where the train […]

The Long Walk Home

It snowed again yesterday. The snow started falling around 1:30 pm, around the time I had to leave for work. It was really light at first– a few flurries in the air– but it soon started coming down hard and fast. A lot of the usual coffee and tea joints that I visit, between the […]

Inbound Train

It’s time to go home. It’s early evening and a chill is seeping into the air. In your hands are two bags of groceries, inside is your dinner. The train is pulling up to the platform, so you step back, far behind the yellow line. You can’t wait to get home. Will there be any […]

These Rails

I’ve grown up around trains all my life. Although I first rode a train when I was 10 years old (walked everywhere until then), the seeing the MTA’s Harlem line has been a staple of my daily routine for as long as I can remember. I walked along it when I went to elementary and […]

Waiting at the Train Station

I recently went up to White Plains with my mother. We wanted to take a look in the City Center building (where there is a Target, a supermarket, and a few other awesome stores) to get a few things we saw advertised as being on sale. However, we both had forgotten that the trains are […]

Heading North

This morning I took the train to Chappaqua to visit a friend for the holidays. It’s the furthest north I have ever gone on the Harlem Line (Metro North, blue line train). I always imagined what the stations north of White Plains (where I work) looked like… I was a bit dissappointed. Lining the railways […]