Toyohashi Station Flower Arrangement

I love that even in winter, we can still see flowers and such. This was an arrangement that was placed adjacent to the turnstiles at Toyohashi station around Christmas time. This is actually the second of two arrangements, the first of which was displayed from the week preceding to Christmas eve, followed by this one […]

Flowers at Lunch

This month has been a trying one. It’s the middle of the busy season in Japan, so we’ve been running around like chickens without heads. Today was my first slower day all month, since two of my lessons got canceled. It’s also my last week at my current assignment, so I wad given a little […]

Plum Blossoms Pt.2

During lunch yesterday and today, I took a short stroll around my office, in search for more plum blossoms. However, there still aren’t many to be found. But I won’t be discouraged! When I find more, I’ll make sure to take pictures.

Plum Blossoms Pt. 1

The plum blossoms have started to bloom in Toyohashi. During my last outing with D and company, we found two trees that had some blossoms. D guessed that the rest were sure to follow soon, due to the change in temperatures. I really hope he’s right, since I want to get a lot of pictures […]

Yoshida Castle

Our second stop after the Oni Matsuri was Yoshida Castle. It was only a ten minute walk, though we took our time. Because the day we went was a national holiday, it was unfortunately closed to the public. We did get some nice group pictures though.

Toyohashi Oni Matsuri

Last weekend a bunch of coworkers and I went to the Toyohashi Oni Matsuri. My coworker D organized our outing, since he used to live in Toyohashi. First we met up at Nagoya station and then tool the train to Toyohashi station. From there, we rode a street tram to the venue. It was very […]

Toyohashi Ogre Festival Display

There’s a new display near the ticket gates of Toyohashi station. It’s promoting a festival on February 10th and 11th. It’s called the Toyohashi Ogre Festival. According to the sign, it’s going to be held at Akumikanbeshinmeisha Shrine in Toyohashi. If it’s not too cold, maybe I’ll go.

An Odd Display

In Toyohashi, one of the displays doesn’t really scream Christmas, persay. While undoubtedly pretty, roses are one of the last flowers I think of during the holiday season. Although now that I think about it, it is pretty darn Japanese, since Christmas is more of a couples’ holiday (like American style Valentine’s day). Families of […]