Sunset Over Osaka


In September I took a short daytrip to Osaka for my birthday. On the way home, I visited a place called the Umeda Sky Building. For a thousand yen, or roughly nine dollars US, you can ride to the top of this unique building to see a breathtaking view.


The Ole’ College Try

2016-03-30 17.23.57

So, today I put in an application for a job overseas…

After a lot of thinking, and a lot of stress, I finished my introductory essay, updated and polished my resume, and sent in the application. I hope to get a call back soon.

From what I’ve read, if they like what they’ve read, I will get a phone call. Then, a Skype interview. Then, a real interview. Then, maybe a second interview  (day after the first) and a job offer.

After that, I get my things together and start working on my visa, which takes between 2 and 6 months. Once my affairs are in order, I catch a plane and spend (at minimum) the next year in another country.

The Blessed Weekend

2015-10-20 19.02.45

Words cannot express how happy I am that the week is over. It’s Friday and I have 2 blissful days off to do with what I will. I think I might start my Christmas shopping. Or maybe I should visit the farmers market before they close for the winter? Visiting a cafe, with my laptop, sounds really nice too. Regardless of what I chose to do,  I will NOT be thinking of Temporary Price Reductions.

The Wrong Way Home


I took the wrong bus home, recently, and ended up in South Yonkers. The bus dropped me off in Getty Square and I walked down to the waterfront shortly after. I had meant to try out that bus route as an alternative to my current one, which is often late. Instead of taking me in the direction of my house, however, I took it in the opposite direction.

While there, I decided to have a look around, as the last time I was there was a month or two ago. The last time I was there was overcast and rather miserable out, so I didn’t get many good pictures. This time, I was able to catch the sunset.


There were also a lot of people out and about, so that was nice too. I talked with some teens, who were enjoying an afternoon snack and recognized me as a teacher, by my clothing choice. I had a good laugh over that.

Luckily, it was decent weather, and my regular bus stops in front of Yonkers Train Station. I hate to think what the experience would have been like if this had happened in the middle of winter. I would have had to have waited either in the train station or in the library down the block.


Eventually, I did get home, though I was exhausted by the time I did. If I remember right, I got in around 8:30 or so. My mom was surprised, but when I told her what had happened, she laughed at me. You see, I am great at getting lost. Known for it, actually. So, she teased me for getting lost on the way home from work, which is sort of funny when I think about it.