Another Evening Stroll

It’s continued to be extremely hot here in Nagoya. So much so, I spent almost all of my Summer Break in my room. With the exception of going to the Aquarium with V, I spent my waking hours watching DVDs or playing video games. Any time spent outdoors (again save for the aquarium) has been […]

The Start of Summer

What am I saying, it’s already here and has been here since the latter half of last week. The rainy season’s over and now temperatures are high. It’s also been really muggy, so being outside can be unpleasant. However, this is still just the start of summer, so I’m expecting it will get hotter soon […]

Little Sunflowers

One of my neighbours started growing sunflowers in front of their house. I bet one hundred yen that these things are going to be the size of my head by the end of the summer. Any takers?

Looking Back

How often do we look back at where we’ve come from? More often than we should? Maybe. But how often do we look back on those who helped us get to where we are now? How often do we look back on those who cared for us, without our knowledge, through just being? That last […]

A Bright New Start

I got a call from the company my brother works for yesterday. I was offered a job. The job starts later today. The commute is a bit long, but the pay and hours are good, so I can’t mind too much. Through it, I should be able to start paying down my loans. From what was said […]


I feel like we’re all about to melt. It’s been super hot around here, with temperatures in the high 80s & heat indexes feeling like we’re in the 100s. It’s all been really unpleasant. I hope it rains soon, just so I can go out of the house between 9 am and 7 pm. I […]

Rainy Days

It’s raining, its pouring, I wish I was snoring. Went to bed with a thought in my head, up all night until morning. So we had a hell of a storm yesterday and am in store for another two today. One’s supposed to be in about an hour or two, and the other to start around […]