2021 Photo Journal

River and Clouds

2021 Photo Journal

A River in Mid-Afternoon

On one of the few days where it wasn’t rainy or too hot, I went for a walk. In my city, there is this river, which hosts a wide array of life, including flying fish.

2020 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Not-Quite Typhoons

We’ve been getting a ton of rain this month. There’s been at least one actual typhoon to hit Nagoya, but we’ve also been experiencing sudden, heavy showers almost daily. This was during one such shower, on my way to work.

2018 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

Wandering Around Saitama

Since my current lodgings are in Saitama, I thought it would be a waste to not look around.

I rode the Saikyo line to Yono, which took a few minutes. Then I went for a walk.

The weather was warm but windy. The skies were a wonderful shade of blue with fluffy white clouds.

A good point about this area is the abundance of greenery. It reminds me a lot of White Plains, in New York.

Once, the daughter of a friend of mine, had mentioned that Saitama was a nice place, and I can finally see what she meant.

If you are in Tokyo, check it sound if you can.