2020 Photo Journal

The Walk Home

2019 Photo Journal


Started working at a new school at the start of August. The interesting point of this particular location is the view.

My favourite is the restaurant around the corner. It serves the best grilled mackerel.

Oh, and the overhead higway bridge that shakes the school from time to time.

2019 Photo Journal

Down the Road, in the Rain

Jay, a coworker, suggested I go for a walk since we got out of work at a reasonable time for a change. He gave me directions for a shrine he thought interesting, but me being me got all turned around. Eventally, I found this.

2018 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

A Room with a View

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Work has been obscenity busy and I’m still trying to get used to life in Tokyo.

Although my school is in Tokyo, I’m staying in Saitama. That means I have a hell of a commute each day.

Here are a few pictures of things you can see around my place in Saitama.

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Toyota City

I got a somewhat sudden assignment in Toyota City this week. It’s a bit over an hour away from my house via train, so I had to wake up pretty early.

During lunch, I had a walk around the station, after stuffing my face full of Loteria’s delicious fries. It was pretty overcast, since a typhoon was making its way through the area.

Toyota is famous for its cars and I’m told that the car museum is free to visit. I would love to go, but I’ll be too busy getting ready for a business trip next week.

2015 new york Photo Journal

Throwback Tuesday 004


When I was younger, I wanted to move to White Plains. I thought it was the height of sophistication, for some reason. I can admit that it is a beautiful city, especially in the spring and fall, but the allure has diminished somewhat as I’ve gotten older.


To me, White Plains was what New York City is to non-New Yorkers.  It’s the total opposite of my hometown: Yonkers. There are buildings taller than eight stories and a lot of things stay open later than 7pm. There’s a lot of shopping and almost always people on the street. People leave Yonkers to go to work, while people go to White Plains for work.


Also, I’ve always been a sucker for the reflective windows on most office buildings.


Over the years of taking multiple jobs in White Plains, I’ve gotten a little bored with the place. I still enjoy going there from time to time, but my level of obsession (especially that of living there) has died down. Now I see it mostly as a glittering shopping center– there are over 3 major malls within a 2 mile radius– surrounded by private houses and a crap hospital.


Also, the rent is really high…

2012 Photo Journal

Beautiful Day

I love sunny days. I also love rainy days (not those days that where the sky can’t figure out if it wants to rain or not– those days where everything is soaked and glossy looking.) But, sunny days make it easier to go out and get things done.

2012 Photo Journal

South Broadway

Today’s location is South Broadway, White Plains. This is by where Borders used to be a few years ago.

There are a number of cherry blossom trees here too. My mother told me that White Plains, being the City of Gardens & Parks, was know for their cherry trees. I always knew the city had a lot (almost every tree is one) but I guess it never sank in.

There are also a lot of interesting buildings in this area, which make a great backdrop for this sort of photography. A beautiful blend of colors against the white flowers…

This street is filled with mostly office buildings containing medical practices, but there is a small hotel too. A little ways down, there is an entrance to a high end shopping center, a few resturants, and a small park filled with dogwood trees. It’s a popular spot for office staff to eat their lunches.



2012 Photo Journal

Turn onto Central

New York is awash in a sea of white and pink as the cherry blossoms continue to bloom. I plan to do a few location specific posts with pictures of this year’s blossoms for your enjoyment.

First is the turn off to Route 100 (Central Avenue) in White Plains, by the County Center. For those who know the area, you’ll recongnise it as being net to  the diner.

I don’t remember these trees blooming so spendidly in previous years, so I was surprised this year when I saw the sheer amount of blossoms. Usually this time of year is much cooler (especially in White Plains) so there is only a short period of flowers before the trees go green.

Between the train station and the County Center (and continuing along the road) are long islands dividing traffic lanes filled with cherry blossom trees. I would guess-timate the path to be about a quarter mile long so that give the idea of there being a lot of tees. I can only wonder how much further towards Terrytown the trees continue.

2012 Photo Journal

Manhattan at Night

As a new year resolution, I’ve decided to try to get out and see places I don’t often visit. One of those places is Manhattan.

Also, as another resolution, I’ve decided to try something new in photography. This time it’s night shots.