Walk Up

Have I ever mentioned that I strongly dislike stairs? I mean, walking down them isn’t so bad, provided there’s a rail and they aren’t too narrow. But going up… no thanks.

Going Up

My moods been slowly, but steadily going up. The work week is over and I have plans to go out with a few friends tomorrow.

Out of Sorts

This week started off on a weird note. Last week was a student couseling week, so the majority of classes were canceled. Private lessons and special lessons were the only things going on outside of counseling, so my shifts were really light. Since my current school didn’t have me involved in the actual counselings, I […]

A Trip to the Zoo

Since the weather wasn’t too cold, I decided to go to the zoo after my weekly Japanese class. The zoo was only a few stops away from my school in Imaike.  So, after I got my homework assignment from the teacher, I grabbed a snack, and hopped on the train bound for Higashiyama Park. About fifteen […]

Moving Up

I’ve always thought spiral staircases were so cool. In the cartoons, they always lead to something mysterious, like a scientist’s secret lab or to a hidden library overflowing with books. This one here isn’t so magical, however. It simply leads to a storage space filled with office supplies.

To the Friend I never met…

In a previous post, I mentioned having an online friend to whom I was very close with. This person, I met through one of my older blogs, one which has long since been taken down. I don’t know if he felt the same, or if I was just someone to kill time talking to while […]