Green & Brown

While waiting for my music lesson, I decided to wait on some benches near the station and drink some tea. Around the benches were grass and wild flowers, growing from what used to be a 3 tiered planter. Also there was a long derelict fountain, which was empty. I imagine it was quite a lovely […]

Sakura Matsuri @ Night

Fujigaoka, Aichi This weekend, the city held a small festival to celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossom trees. After work, I needed to hit the supermarket before heading home so I had a reason to stick around. Most things were already closed up for the night though.


Yaizu, Shizuoka, Japan. A few minutes away from the station, there is a small river filled with enormous carp. On my day off, I spent some time watching them swim around and eat cherry blossom petals from the surface of the water.


The State of Emergency was lifted about a week ago. Stores and such are still on modified hours, but things are starting to very slowly return to normal.

Hanami at Home

Due to Coronavirus, many public events are on indefinite hiatus, including hanami. Hanami is a spring tradition of eating, drinking, and socializing under the cherry trees. It usually involves being packed into confined spaces with strangers and friends alike, so it’s a total no go these days. That said, my local supermarket came up with […]

A Proper Rainy Season

I think we’re going to get a proper rainy season this year. For the last few years, our Junes have been on the dry side in Aichi. This year, however, has been rather wet so far.

Rainy Days

Golden Week’s been pretty wet so far, but the forecasts call for some sun later in the week. Fingers crossed.

Cherry Blossoms

It seemed like this year’s cherry blossom season was especially short. The delicate white and pink petals have already been mostly replaced by green leaves in many places.