2020 Photo Journal


Over the holidays, I aquired a couple more plants. From the local Daiso, I got the tall green on on the right. The daffodils were from a sale at the supermarket. The middle one has been in my collection for a while, but was bought off the clearance rack at Muji.

2019 Photo Journal

Sprouting Up

One of my plants has begun to sprout additional vines. I never expexpected it to do so well, considering it was a ¥100 shop find.

2019 Photo Journal

Little Red Flowers

After work on Friday, I stopped at the value supermarket close to the school I was stationed at. I meant to only to pick up a few things, but I ended up adding two more plants to my collection, bringing my total up to eight.

This pretty plant was in the gardening section next to the begonias and was selling for a not-so-wopping ¥98. I figured, why not?

Mind you I have absolutely no idea what kind of plant this is…

2018 Photo Journal

Our Newest Addition

On the way home from work yesterday, I walked by a flowershop selling pointsettias. They were brilliant colored and available in a small size, so I picked one up. It’s been placed on my dresser for the time being, until I finish cleaning off my living room table. After that, all that will be left will be to give it a name. Any suggestions?

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Higashiyama Botanical Garden: Succulents

I think this was my favourite exhibit at the Higashiyama Botanical Garden greehouse.

Although the room was no bigger then my apartment, I spent a lot of time here. I highly recommend visiting.


Cacti at Work


These mini cacti in odd planters have been a pretty popular trend this summer. My coworker Chie arranged this one for the entrance of our school. Though it looks pretty big in the picture, it’s no bigger than my two hands put together, if you can believe it.