Another Evening Stroll

It’s continued to be extremely hot here in Nagoya. So much so, I spent almost all of my Summer Break in my room. With the exception of going to the Aquarium with V, I spent my waking hours watching DVDs or playing video games. Any time spent outdoors (again save for the aquarium) has been […]

Takashima Island

In Gamagori there is an island, just off shore, housing a collection of old Shinto Shrines. It’s a small island, not even a mile across. Besides the shrines, there are beaches around the outer edge of the island which are known for their shellfish. After paying respects at the various shrines, it’s a quick walk […]

Happy Birthday, Mom

We might be miles apart, but we’re always under the same sky, connected by the flow of the great oceans, and will never stop thinking about each other. I wish you all the happiness in the world.

White on Blue

This week is supposed to be beautiful, so I’m pretty excited. I hope it means I can go out for walks during lunch. I missed being able go outside, without freezing body parts off.

The Ole’ College Try

So, today I put in an application for a job overseas… After a lot of thinking, and a lot of stress, I finished my introductory essay, updated and polished my resume, and sent in the application. I hope to get a call back soon. From what I’ve read, if they like what they’ve read, I […]