Faerie Lights

At night, the outdoor section of the Ikebukuro Aquarium is lit up with an array of multicoloured lights.



Also at Nagoya Tower’s exhibit were these pretty orbs, backed by a light and projector.

They projected additional images onto the nearby walls. Kids viewing the exhibit were especially fond of these orbs, as was myself.

I wonder if I could recreate a similar decoration for my room.

Maybe I should give it a try after buying some supplies at Daiso.

Kashikojima Cruise

After getting off at Kashikojima station, you can walk less than 5 minutes to a dock.

From that dock you can join an array of short cruises around the islands.

The one I used was modeled after one of Columbus’ famous ships.

It was approximately 50 minutes long and included a tour of a pear diving museum and shop.

The area is known for pearls, boasting the Mikimoto company, and a history of Ama. Ama are the female pearl divers that were kniwn for being able to hold their breath for a long time and swiming bare-breasted.

The cruise itself was alright and best enjoyed on one of the outdoor decks, as the ship wasn’t air conditioned.

You can also purchase light snacks and drinks, though like the one in Osaka, leave a lot to be desired. However, the old woman attending the shop was exceptionally sweet.

Since it was obscenly hot that day, I spent most of the trip on the covered aft deck, with a few other people. I was also one of the few people who thought to bring a fan.

I did enjoy the short museum tour amd demonstration though. They explained how cultured pearls are made and even seeded an oyster in front of us. It’s a little bit cruel really.

After that, we boarded the boat to return to the boarding point nearest to the station.

We passed a few islands, but the return trip wasn’t very eventful. Once we disembarked, most of the little shops were already closed.

So, I went back to the station, bought a few snacks, and got on a train headed back to Nagoya.

A Train through Mie

It’s been so hot lately that it’s been a bit dangerous to go outside. Still, go outside I sorta did.

Being stuck in the wake up- work- go to bed loop had me quite down despite my best efforts. So, I decided to go on a daytrip.

After stopping at the doctor’s, I jumped on the Kintetsu train headed for Kashikojima–the last stop on the line I took to get to Yokkaichi everyday.

I bought a special limited express ticket, but it would still take about three hours to arrive there.

During the ride, I messaged two of my friends fron the states.

I sent them pics from my trip and caught up on current events. They were both very kind in humoring me.

There were many things to see, both ways. Mostly, there were huge fields of green.

Mie is a farming prefecture, so there were miles upon miles of farms.

There was also a peninsula that lead to the Pacific Ocean.

There were three stops in particular where you could see the water.

While riding the train, I ate a lot of snacks. Mostly dried fruit.

If you have the time and the funds, I would suggest trying it.