2020 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Steel Birds

Around Obu train station, there are metal rails with sparrow sized metal birds perched on top. I’ve been to the station at least half a dozen times but have only noticed them this morning.

I didn’t see any info about the pieces or about the person(s) that made them. Most people around the station didn’t seem to pay them any mind as well.

However, I thought they were absolutely adorable and had to take a few pictures before heading to my appointment.

2019 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

Yokohama Landmark Tower Plaza

The child in me loved this.

Since I had a little time before my bus, I stopped by downtown Yokohama.

It was terribly rainy and windy, but metal looks amazing in these conditions.

It was totally worth it!

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Nishio City

Another assignment I had this week took me to Nishio. It’s considered rural and is near Gamagori if I remember right. It’s famous for green tea, I was told by multiple people.

To get to my school, I needed to catch a bus at the train station. Having gotten there quite early, I popped into the tourist information and souvenir shop. The lady at the desk was excited to tell me all about the city, its tea, and asked me to one day consider moving there.

Then, while waiting for the bus, I struck up a conversation with an elderly couple. They had plenty of questions and were happy to chat until the bus arrived.

At the bus stop, there was this cute little statue welcoming people to the city. If you’re ever in the area, I would recommend trying the tea, as it is really good. You can get it at a tea house or in can form at a souvenir shop or vending machine for about ¥130.

2016 new york Photo Journal

Thanks, Ella

2016-05-04 18.13.17

There is a statue of Ella Fitzgerald outside the train station I take to work. Since tomorrow is my last day, I don’t think I’ll be able to hang out with Ella so much anymore.

2012 Photo Journal

Angel of the Waters

A well-known foutain in Central Park. The angel is said to be sculpted by a famous female artist at the turn of the century, when such works were not so openly displayed. From what I remember, a TV programe said that it was specially commisioned.