2021 Photo Journal

A Moat

Shizuoka City, early May 2021. This moat once surrounded a castle, but now goes around some schools and a park.

2015 new york Photo Journal

Central Park: Blue


I remember a good friend once asked if I would be willing to rent a boat with him in Central Park. At the time, my answer was a hearty “hell no!” For one, I am deathly afraid of being on a boat. Second, I was afraid of losing my phone (i.e. my primary camera) over the side, while trying to take a picture. Mind you, I rarely have ever dropped my phone in the past, but I am nothing if not a paranoid bugger.


Brother once brought up the thought, while we were watching the turtles swim around the murky depths. I remember it being very sunny and sitting next to some overly friendly German man, who was very much confused by our insane laughter, which accompanied my brother’s question.


Though, that man may have be also unnerved by my strange laugh, which I am told is quite loud.


Regardless, this time, we enjoyed the scenery, using our most faithful transports: our legs. We walked around the pond for over an hour, before my copious consumption of iced green tea forced us to look for a bathroom.


It was all in all a very enjoyable visit.