It’s August Again

August is upon us once again. Did you know? I was supposed to be born in the end of August, but ended up being born in the beginning of September. I was supposed to be born on one of my best friend’s birthday. My mom says that I knew a good thing and that’s why […]


I feel like we’re all about to melt. It’s been super hot around here, with temperatures in the high 80s & heat indexes feeling like we’re in the 100s. It’s all been really unpleasant. I hope it rains soon, just so I can go out of the house between 9 am and 7 pm. I […]

Rainy Days

It’s raining, its pouring, I wish I was snoring.¬†Went to bed with a thought in my head, up all night until morning. So we had a hell of a storm yesterday and am in store for another two today. One’s supposed to be in about an hour or two, and the other to start around […]


There must be a reason that May’s birthstone is green. I think it’s because of all the greenery that comes to life in this month. They say that April showers brings May flowers, but besides flowers, leaves appear on trees and grass really starts to take over the lands. I think emeralds reflect that, but […]


The color purple is often used to symbolize royalty. In this case, it could very well represent the royal robes of faeries native to Yonkers, New York. “How did you come to that conclusion,” you ask, looking on Yelp for the closest psychiatric hospital in the area. Well, when I showed these pictures to a […]


I’ve been seeing a lot of daffodils around lately. It’s been the go-to flower for garderners in Yonkers this year, while the Tulip has become the popular flower of White Plains. As much as I like daffodils, the yellow color makes them a little hard to photograph, since the yellow tends to show up as […]

Wet Weather Wednesday 2 (W3.02)

I love the sound of rain. There is just something so relaxing about it. Every time I hear rain drops against the window or pavement, I easily fall into a trance. When I can’t sleep, I use an ambient sound app on my phone to help me relax. My favorite settings are “rain,” “river,” and […]

Wet Weather Wednesday (w3.01)

April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring? Besides allergies? Thinking about it, this April hasn’t been overly rainy this year. I guess we don’t have to worry about a drought, due to all the snow this year, but it feels like this month was pretty dry for New York. I can […]

At Night

Everything looks so different at night… There are hardly any people out around 10 p.m, during the cooler weather. In the summer, people would be out chilling here until almost midnight, but now it’s a ghost town. No one’s even driving around! I wonder if this is what it would look like if all the […]


It’s almost time for me to return to school. This will be my last semester before graduating. I’m told it might also be the hardest. It will start on my birthday and end just before Christmas. It’s almost like two gifts in one. At lease, that’s how I choose to look at it…