Rainy Season Part 2

The weather’s been crazy lately. First, came the rainy season. But it was short and not very rainy. Then came the mega heat wave. And now the rain has returned.


Last weekend was a rainy one. I stayed mostly at home, cleaning and preparing for friends to come over next Sunday. I did venture out to hit up the local Nitori for seat cushions though. It was an interesting experience.

Down the Road, in the Rain

Jay, a coworker, suggested I go for a walk since we got out of work at a reasonable time for a change. He gave me directions for a shrine he thought interesting, but me being me got all turned around. Eventally, I found this.

Never Satisfied

As much as I’m starting to dislike this year’s rainy season, I know the summer heat that lurks just behind it is going to be a hundred times worse.

Such a Dreary Day

The sky is overcast, rain is falling, and we had a surprise meeting this morning. The CEO had some mixed news. However, little of it impacts me directly, other than some numbers to punch into the system later. It still doesn’t help my mood though. I just can’t seem to get motivated this week. After […]