Rain on Ivy

This year’s rainy season continues to be an odd one. Instead of fully rainy days, we’re getting intermittent heavy showers. Last Sunday, it rained from morning to early afternoon, but was pretty nice after that.

Rainy Season Part 2

The weather’s been crazy lately. First, came the rainy season. But it was short and not very rainy. Then came the mega heat wave. And now the rain has returned.

Droplet on Broccoli

On the way into work, I stopped by the vending machines at the North Exit of the station. Near there, someone decided to plant some broccoli in a planter made of cinderblocks. It looks like I just missed a shower, judging by how wet the surrounding park and station was.

Not-Quite Typhoons

We’ve been getting a ton of rain this month. There’s been at least one actual typhoon to hit Nagoya, but we’ve also been experiencing sudden, heavy showers almost daily. This was during one such shower, on my way to work.