Inbound Train


It’s time to go home. It’s early evening and a chill is seeping into the air. In your hands are two bags of groceries, inside is your dinner. The train is pulling up to the platform, so you step back, far behind the yellow line. You can’t wait to get home. Will there be any more seats?


Abandoned History


Over by Palmer Road, there used to be a train line. According to brother, it is the same route as the line in Ardsley (which I have posted before), which I believe is the Putnam Line. That line is supposed to have been closed down sometime in the 1960s. According to Wiki, the stop here is known as the Bryn Mawr Park station.

When I was in high school (which was around here) I sometimes came here while walking to the bus station. Next to this is a deli which sold snacks and tea/coffee. It was helpful on cold winter days.


During that time, more of the railroad track remained, but now most of the area has been smoothed over as a walking/biking path. Also according to the Wiki, this building is a replica of the station.

I’ve also heard a rumor from an aunt that there was a diner here at one point, but I really have no idea if that is true or not. She made it sound like someone used old train cars as the body of the restaurant. The only train car here now is one that look barely bigger than a trailer.


The coolest thing here is the old crossing sign. While not much different than any other railroad crossing sign (which are not found so much in this part of New York) the sheer age of it is interesting to me. I have a certain fondness of really old stuff.


I wonder if that’s the original glass in there…?

Heading North


This morning I took the train to Chappaqua to visit a friend for the holidays. It’s the furthest north I have ever gone on the Harlem Line (Metro North, blue line train). I always imagined what the stations north of White Plains (where I work) looked like… I was a bit dissappointed.

Lining the railways are a lot of wooded areas (an attempt at noise reduction) as well as the Bronx River.  Because of a storm a lot of these areas were flooded.