My First Non-Company-Owned Apartment 

Tomorrow I sign a lease for my new apartment. The new teacher is coming to Anjo a couple of days after my birthday and will be taking my current living space. To make things easier for myself, as well as have a space to put off my stuff, I asked my boss if I could move early. She said yes, so I will be moving back to Nagoya the day after my birthday and will be making a commute for my remaining four days of work.


Morning, Glory!


So, we’ve been handing out a ton of student satisfaction surveys at work recently. They are pretty straight forward, asking students how they feel about their classes, their teachers, and the general atmosphere of the school. It’s set up like the standardized tests back home, with students filling in a bubble on a sheet, with a pencil. There are also sections where students are to write messages to the staff and teacherd. They then put it in a sealed box to be reviewed later.

To be honest, it has me nervous.

A Baby Crocus

2016-03-19 20.34.31

Today I used a train station that I haven’t been to in some time. Besides being on a line that I rarely use anymore (I take the Hudson line now instead of the Harlem line), it’s a station I’m not overly comfortable being at alone, and the walk there is a bit longer that to the station closer to home.

On the way, I passed a construction site between two apartment buildings. Next to it was a tiny patch of green, where this little crocus was growing. It was the only blossom there and it was facing the construction equipment, like it was watching the workers turn the previously abandoned lot into another apartment complex.