Cacti at Work


These mini cacti in odd planters have been a pretty popular trend this summer. My coworker Chie arranged this one for the entrance of our school. Though it looks pretty big in the picture, it’s no bigger than my two hands put together, if you can believe it.


Contrasting Colors


My second week working in Mie is finally over. I have a few more days next week, but I won’t have to work up so early next Saturday. Two more days in Mie and a few more days in Narumi.┬áThe rest of the month is in the office, but a long holiday is coming up. I’m still trying to decided where I will spend it.

Candy Stripes


These flowers have been popping up all over the place recently. I’m not entirely sure what sort it is (maybe a carnation or some sort?), but they’re pretty. I could use some pretty right now.

This week has been a bit difficult. I’m in the middle of a rather tiring assignment, where I am splitting my time between two schools and the office. The majority of my classes have been in Mie Prefecture, in a city called Tsu. It is a bit over an hour, by train, from where I live. In the mornings, the company has agreed to pay for the express train (just under one hour), but I need to take the local home via the Kintetsu Line (just over an hour). I do this three times a week.