Green & Brown

While waiting for my music lesson, I decided to wait on some benches near the station and drink some tea. Around the benches were grass and wild flowers, growing from what used to be a 3 tiered planter. Also there was a long derelict fountain, which was empty. I imagine it was quite a lovely […]

Droplet on Broccoli

On the way into work, I stopped by the vending machines at the North Exit of the station. Near there, someone decided to plant some broccoli in a planter made of cinderblocks. It looks like I just missed a shower, judging by how wet the surrounding park and station was.

A Little Shop

The sign on the window states that: 1. You must wear a mask 2. Customers are to use hand sanitizer when entering 3. The max number of patrons is three people I have no idea what this shop sells and it was closed when I passed it by at the station.


I’m embarrassed to admit it but I was so prickly today. Everything and almost everyone irritated me. Hopefully I’ll calm down after a nice weekend.

The Hot Days Cometh

We got a little break from all the rain this weekend. However, with it came a spike in temperatures in my area. According to the forecast, we might get more rain later this week, which might hinder some people’s plans for the two day holiday. Regardless, it’s nice to see a bit of sun.


Some of my smaller plants have been doing very well despite the cooler temperatures. This is one of the ones I got from Muji on clearance. After staking it will chopsticks, it started growing offshoots very quickly. Hopefully it will continue to thrive in the coming months.

Sprouting Up

One of my plants has begun to sprout additional vines. I never expexpected it to do so well, considering it was a ¥100 shop find.

Testing Out the New Camera

Bought a new phone yesterday after using the same one for almost 3 and a half years. So, I decided to take a few test shots in my garden this morning. I think I’ve found the settings I like. There is a pro option, where a lot of things can be manually set. All in […]