Flowers in Monochrome

Someone set flowers out in the break room recently. I have no idea who did it, but going by the tables of matching ┬ávases, I can only assume it was one of the cleaning ladys. They are all older than Mathusela and very sweet (especially if you are polite to them). Most people here tend […]

Tulip Week 03

I would love to have a garden filled with white tulips. It’s one of the flowers I’m not allergic to. If I ever get a house, with a yard, these are going to be one of the first things I plant.

Tulip Week 01

During my last visit to Osaka, there was a flower festival near where I was to catch my bus home. For 1000 yen, I could see tons of flowers, buy plants, and visit a cute little cafe.

Spring is Here

So, Monday was the spring equinox, which means that spring is here. Finally. This winter felt pretty long, even though it wasn’t all that bad compared with New York. I’m just happy for the warmer weather and increase in flowers.


I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting too much about myself as of late. I’ve been talking mostly about things I’ve seen or places I’ve been. I haven’t said too much on how I feel. I think that’s because I have very little to say. Work has been fine for the most part. I still […]

Throwback Tuesday 003

Another throwback from April 2008 today. These were growing in a small park in White Plains, judging by the other shots in the folder. Over the years, a lot of my posts were of photos taken in this very small park. White Plains, on the whole, is very pretty in the spring. A lot of […]

Throwback Tuesday 002

Today, we have some sky shots from 2008. These were taken with a phone camera (if I remember right) while I was waiting for the train home from work. Around that time I was working in White Plains, if memory serves, in a doctor’s office. That was my first real office job and I learned […]