Felt the travel bug again recently, so I planned at trip to Tokyo with a friend for this weekend. I did everything on my smartphone, while on the train home from work in Mie. We plan to leave from Yokkaichi Saturday night and come back to Nagoya Monday evening.


The skies above

The view from above San Francisco during my visit earlier this month.

I didn’t get to explore very much, but what I saw from the plane was pretty cool. This was arriving from Japan. On the way back, I was sat in thr central row.

I would like to visit again in the future when I have more time and a later departure time.

Remember to take a breath.

This year has been a bit on the difficult side so far. So far I’ve had a serious lung infection, an allergic reaction to a common antibiotic, injured a tendon in my foot, and have come down with a nasty eye infection this week. It makes me want to bang my head against a wall, but I have to remember to take a breath. It hasn’t been all bad and I’m still living where I want to be, doing a job I don’t hate.


Joy Joy let me play with the good microphone this afternoon. Makes up for the fact that my room was the first off the reception area, so eveyone in the lobby could hear me (and a couple of people stood outside my door– creeps!)…

Though, using it I noticed a better accuracy score while singing Mucc’s Shiva and Hamasaki Ayumi’s Still Alone.

Flower Fridays 01

I saw a lot of different types of flowers when I visited California. Most of them I don’t have names for.

These flowers were especially beautiful because they reminded me of fire.

They were planted not far from our hotel and it was mom that pointed them out. On our last day, we both got up early, and while mom was buying some coffee, I took a few pictures.

It’s a Small World

While at Disney, mom and I rode the Small World ride at what we dubbed to be Disney Classic, while we visited California.

It is also one of my mother’s favorite attractions, since she remembers it from when she was a little girl. I admit that there’s something cute, even charming, about it– albeit a little racest. But it’s really a product of it’s time, reflecting some old ideals, while being really optimistic towards a global future.

The ride lasted about five or so minutes, which is long for a theme park ride. It feels like attractions are getting shorter and shorter, while wait times go up.

It was a nice respite from the cool weather that afternoon too. Our first two days in California were overcast and a bit cooler than expected.

The Small World ride was probably one of the better rides to be found at Disney Classic. If you go to the Disney Parks in Cali, I recommend the Pixar Park.