An Experience

V and I tried a new karaoke place recently. It was a horror themed shop, where we could wear halloween costumes on loan from the shop if we so wanted to. The rooms and hallways were covered in decorations and the staff spoke like villians from those cheesy 1950s era horror movies. Next to each elevator, was one of these swords.

In case of emergency, break glass?


New Kicks

I needed an extra pair of sneakers, so I went shopping. I wanted some hightops with a side zipper. They also need to be well padded with arch support. Originally I was in the market for red, but I love the garishness of these. Apparently bling is seriously in.

Lou, protector of the lady’s loo.

While out with my friend V, afyer work, I had to use the facilites at a local park. This place was a bit country, so there was no end to the lovely creepy crawlies taking up residence there. One such citizen was Lou, who was chilling opposite the Japanese style squat toilet. Lou kept guard while I did my business, and later hopped further up the wall, when I came closer to give my thanks.

Holding out for the weekend

My workweek is only half over and I’m already exhausted. I haven’t made many plans for the weekend yet, save for meeting a few friends Sunday morning. One thing I need to remember to do is buy a thank you treat for the staff at my school. It’s too hot for chocolate, so maybe some sort of light cookie?