Hara Station

Last Saturday I got a sudden assignment in Hara. It’s only the second time I’ve been there, but there’s a really cool mosaic near exits 1 and 2. On my way home, I waited for the hall to empty, so I could get a couple of pictures.


MoCHA Cat Cafe Yabacho

A new Cat Cafe, called MoCHA, opened in Nagoya last month. It’s only a minute or so from Yabacho Station, in the Sakae Become building. It shares the second floor with another themed cafe.
Inside is a cat’s paradise, filled with comfy seating and tons of places to climb.

The fees average around ¥1200 for one hour or ¥200 per 10 minutes. For ¥380 extra, you can have access to an unlimited drink bar. For those who use LINE, theres also coupons available, if you friend them.
I stayed almost four hours, drifting between various activities. There are reclining seats, booths, a video game corner, the biggest cat tree I’ve ever seen, and plenty of cat toys. Also, the majority of the cats are still kittens.

I made friends with two kittens, a Russian Blue (Sally) and a Munchkin (Michelle). Both fell asleep after a little petting. 
Sally slept for over an hour, but was a ball of energy and affection after he woke up. Yes, Sally is a boy.
Michelle on the other hand, was only interested in my skirt. She suffers from palsy so running, jumping, and general coordination are difficult for her. She ended sleeping on part of my skirt for twenty minutes, until I had to wake her up to go.

If you are in Nagoya, I recommend this cafe. You can find directions and more information on its website. 


Firework Fridays 2017.06

We were starved by the time we made it back to the tarp, so we ripped those chips open and went to town on them. We got three bags, each a different flavour. We got salt, seaweed, and sour plum. 

Then it was just a matter of waiting. We got comfortable and chatted untill the show started.

We had aready decided to leave a bit early, so we could try to beat the crowd back to the station.

Depending on the event, it can take hours to get home, and we didn’t want to stand around in that heat. 

We had to wait about twenty five minutes to get the train home, which is nothing compared to those who waited. 

All in all it was a great outing.

Meet the Neighbours 01

Across from my current apartment complex, there’s an old abandoned house filled with stray cats. 
While it does look like something out of a horror movie, it was actually a big selling point for me. 

When I was give a tour of the room, by the real estate agent, he apologized for it when he caught my eyes lingering a little to long. I think he was taken back a little by me replying that I though it was cool.
Of course I have no intension of going inside, but I can admire it from the safety of my balcony. I’ve always been interested by old abandoned things like this and my new neighborhood has lots of cool things.

The Longest Day

Today was moving day, so there was lots to do. 

First I had to wake up around 7:30, so I could get ready/finish vacuuming my old apartment, before heading into downtown Nagoya to get the keys. That took longer than expected and involved more speaking than I thought would be necessary. By express train, it takes about a half hour one way, so a good chunk of my morning was eaten up by that.

Then, there was an apartment check by my manager, followed a phone call to the gas company, and various visits by the electric and gas companies to turn off utilities/collect payment.
After all that, I had to help the moving guy pack the moving van. It took a little over an hour to get to my new place. I also helped unpack and carry things up to the second floor. My new apartment is fancy and has various security feature.
About twenty minutes after the moving guy left, the gas company came to turn on the gas and help me start a contract. At the same time, the security guy was setting the home security system.

Then I was left to my own devices. I set up my futon, the TV, kitchen, and laptop. I also put my clothes in the  closet so they won’t get wrinkled. The rest can wait till Saturday.
Eventually I did get hungry, so I tried to relocate the nearby supermarket, but google maps has a hard time with my neighborhood since its old and tightly packed. I ended up in Nagoya. So i did some shopping.
I did get super lost on the way bsck though, since it’s so confusing. Took me an hour to find my apartment. Go me.

Firework Fridays 2017.05

Once we got settled in our spot we realized we still had two hours before the show would begin. So we tried entertaining ourselves, but no dice. So, one of the girls there who workd in the same office that I used to–though in a different department, and I went in search of snacks. 

Nearby, there was a supermarket. We expected it would be a bit busy, since we couldn’t be the only ones who thought of going there, but nothing could have prepared us for the lines that greeted us once we finally got inside.

We ended up waiting on line for a half an hour for some bottles of tea, three bags of chips, a pack of fried wings, and some paper cups. Once we finished, we booked it back to the others, finding that other groups had taken over any available space. We had to carefully navigate our way between families and groups of coworkers.

Aichi Arts Center Pt. 3

For all the exploring I did, I think it’s a little funny that I didn’t set foot in the museum. I was pretty tired, so I rested a few minutes, sent off a few texts, and decided that I spent enough time ignoring the mess in my apartment.

So, I rode the elevator down to the basement to catch the first of two trains home. But first I needed to top off my energy, so I partook of an apple smoothie from a small shop at the train station. It was meh.

Then I jumped on the Meijo bound for Kanayama. After that it was the JR Tokaidou Line back to Anjo.