After Hours


Since the weather has gotten so much nicer (less rain, more cool evenings), I’ve been spending a lot of time outside after work. Not many people are out and about, though there are some teens and old men who like to hang out at the park (completely harmless) and a few people who like to mill around the 7-11 five minutes away from my place. Around the station there are tons of pubs and restaurants and the atmosphere is really loud. After talking and entertaining all day, that’s the last thing I want. I much rather watch some teens set off fireworks at the park, while eating some cheap conbini snacks.

Quite the View

When I last went to USJ, I couldn’t pass up the chance to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The lines for the rides were insanely long and it was extremely hot, so I only passed through the shops. I tried the rides during my last visit, so I picked up some omiyage for my coworkers and talked to a couple of the staff working there, before I went to the Jurassic Park section for lunch. Still, it was well worth the visit.

What happens when you miss the last train?


You can pay a small fortune to hire a taxi to drive you home, you can start walking and hope to make it before sunrise, or you can find a place to hunker down for the night. If you choose the last option, your overnight can be spent in a capsule hotel, a karaoke room, or internet cafe. Can you guess which I chose?

Surprising enough, spending a night in an internet cafe wasn’t bad at all. For about ¥2000 I got a tiny space (covered in super comfy vinal mats, pull out shelf/table thing and a sliding door), unlimited internet, an open drink bar, free run of the bathrooms. No one bothered me, save for a pair of neighbors locking lips at six in the morning.