This is our neighborhood cat. I have no idea what his name is but I have taken to calling him George. He sometimes likes to chill in front of my apartment building. He’s a bit shy.

Purfect Portraits

Towards the end of my winter vacation, I took a quick visit to one of my favorite cat cafes in Yabacho. While there, I played with the kitties and tool some pictures. It had been a while since I had ladt visited an animal cafe, though I did try to visit a reptile one while in […]

As it Goes

This week is both going very quickly and incredibly slow. I’ve been in the office most of the week, doing computer work. My schedule has also been irregular, with Thursday being an eleven to eight shift, and today being a nine to six one. Well, there’s only one more day before my weekend.

Return to the Cat Cafe

After months, I finally went back to that cat cafe I visited earlier this year. I found out recently that it had been closed for a bit due to renovations. It’s now a bit bigger with three cat rooms and a handful of new furry faces. The staff was lovely as always and I made […]

My Little Man

  This is my little man, Charlie. He goes by Kit Kat (short for Kitten-Cat as he has the body of a mountain lion and the mind of a small kitten), Little Man, Bug-a-boo, and Itty Bitty Little Kitty. In a couple of months, he will have been living with us for an entire year. […]