Sun Dappled Path

During Golden Week, I tried to getvout a bit more since the weather was so nice. One place I went was a park near one of the stations on my train line. Although it was only a few minutes from the station, I had no idea it existed until recently. I was also surprised by […]

The Big Gear

Outside a factory in my neighborhood, theres this tiny park with a man-made pond and a giant rusted gear. I have no idea what the factory makes, but it sure looks cool. It isn’t open to the pubic so I had to jam my hands, and my phone, between spokes in the fence to get […]

At Night

Near my current assignment, there’s a small park that I like to visit on my way home from work. It’s very peaceful, and since Gifu is closer to home than Toyohashi was, I’m not worried about getting home super late.


There is a small park in Southern Yono. In that park, there are some benches. Above the benches, there is an overhang made of metal, leaves and branches. Attached to those leaves are twisting, turning, climbing trees. Next to those trees, there are stone pillars. Standing against those pillars is a figure. That figure is […]

A Trip to the Zoo

Since the weather wasn’t too cold, I decided to go to the zoo after my weekly Japanese class. The zoo was only a few stops away from my school in Imaike.  So, after I got my homework assignment from the teacher, I grabbed a snack, and hopped on the train bound for Higashiyama Park. About fifteen […]

Nakamura Koen

Since I bought my bike, I’ve been able to go to so many more places. It cuts travel time down considerably and motivates my lazy self to exercise a bit. One day, I decided that I would pick a direction, and bike straight for about fourty five minutes. I didn’t go straight. I didnt bike […]