2016 Photo Journal

Creating Waves

2016-02-28 22.19.20

The last two weeks have certainly been an experience. I have been hesitant to speak of it before now, but things seem to be settling down somewhat. You see, my department at work has been going though some… restructuring.

It has caused me to do some thinking (a lot of thinking, actually) about my future. Because of this, I have been looking into other avenues of employment, both in the US and abroad.

2016-02-29 14.27.06

When I think about moving overseas, I am filled both with excitement and (to a lesser extent) nervousness. While I have been overseas before, I have never lived anywhere other than the house in which I grew up. It is a little bit unsettling.

However, I am an adult now, single and without children. I love to travel and would love the chance to live in countries that are not the US. If I do not do this soon, I worry that I may lose my chance to. I am loath to spend the rest of my life in Yonkers.

2016 new york Photo Journal

The Floating World of Ardsley

2016-02-28 22.34.54

Ardsley train station is an odd one, seemingly floating in the middle of the Hudson River. The first time I saw it, I was reminded of a scene in Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し), where the main character rides a train on tracks that run through a river. There is one moment where the train passes a small station platform, surrounded by water, with a shadow of a young girl seemingly waiting for a train. I see that moment, whenever I pass by this station.

2016 Photo Journal

More Winter

2016-02-16 17.38.30

More pictures from the cold snap last weekend. These were taken Monday morning on the way into work. A small stream that cus through some of the properties near my office had frozen over completely.

2016-02-16 17.40.02

2016 Photo Journal

Winter Continues

2016-02-14 23.28.26

Winter seems to want to make up for all the decent weather we had during December and January. This (last?) weekend, New York was plunged into a horrible cold spell. It is said that the temperature and windchill Sunday morning broke the record for the coldest recorded temperature since we started recording such things in the late 1800s.

2016 Photo Journal

Winter’s Embrace

2016-02-05 07.34.19

This morning we’rein the midst of amother snowfall. Forecasts call for 3 to 6 inches. Schools are on a 2 hour delay, while most public transportation seems to be running on a “whenever we get there, we get there” basis. I’m following their lead.

2016-02-05 07.33.34

When I woke up, I was dreading the commute, but once I got out here I found it to be not all that bad really. It’s actually rather pretty and not very cold.

2016-02-05 07.32.42

As I write this, I’m on the bus, passing the school where I used to work. Across the street, there are a lit of trees with snow covered branches. The contrast is beautiful.

2016 Photo Journal

A Calm, Clear Morning

2016-01-28 22.23.06

I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the river looked this morning.

2016 Photo Journal

Icy Windows

2016-01-25 19.33.11

For those of you not in the know, or not living along the northern coast, New York was hit with a doozy of a snow storm this weekend. From what I have heard on the radio, it is one of the biggest storms our state has ever seen!

The snow started falling early Saturday morning and continued into the evening. For the most part, we stayed indoors, but I couldn’t resist going downstairs for a bit to watch the snow.

2016-01-25 19.32.24

2015 new york Photo Journal

Of Stone

2015-12-18 18.07.56

Last weekend I took a trip to the city just for the hell of it. I have an unlimited Metrocard this month, so I figured, why not? With it, I can take buses and the subway as much as I like, without having to worry about my budget.

Because of that, I decided I would try a little experiment. I would take public transportation to somewhere new, by randomly getting on a bus or train just to see where it went.

After a few hours of this, I ended up in the middle of Brooklyn. Outside the window was a cemetery called Greenwood Cemetery. It’s apparently kind of famous.

2015-12-18 18.03.29

I thought again, why not?

The cemetery is known for being the final resting place of Civil War veterans, the afluent, and several historical figures. I was there to see what the earliest date I could find on a tombstone was. That and look at the statues.

2015-12-18 18.06.03

They really went all out back in the day.

2015-12-18 18.08.55

I walked around for a couple of hours before I got too tired to continue. In that time I met a few of the cemetery’s interesting still-living residents  and paid my respects to quite a few of its deceased ones.2015-12-18 18.01.56

When the sun began to go down, I headed back to the main entrance. I then took the R train back to Manhattan, treated myself to a filling dinner, and took Metronorth home.

2015-12-18 18.04.52

All in all, it was a good experience, and I think I will be doing more impromptu sightseeing in the future. If you can, and have an interest in New York, I do suggest in investing in an unlimited Metrocard  (they have 1 day, 7 day, and 30 day versions ) as an alternative to expensive tours and the like.

2015 Photo Journal

Mornings Really aren’t my Thing

2015-12-13 10.10.58

So, I meant to wake up a but earlier this morning to meet some friends down in the city. Before going to bed, I chose and laid out my clothes, packed my bag with everything I thought I could need, charged my phone, set two alarms, and packed some pears into a little plastic bag for a quick breakfast. I shut my eyes thinking “no problem”.

I still managed to oversleep.

I awoke wondering why I wasn’t hearing the annoying melody I’m so used to. I should have been up around 8, but the clock read 8:40. My train left at 9:30. I scrambled to get ready. I was out the door around 9:10.

The station is only about 5 minutes away, but I got side tracked in the stairwell  (forget about the elevator in my building, it’s slower than molasses) and again in the lobby. I rushed out the doors hoping I could make my train.

I watched it pull away as I stood on the crest of the hill, connecting Yonkers to the Bronx. I asked myself, “What now?”

There are two other ways to get to where I need to be in the city. I can chance the 2 train to East 180th, connect to the 5, take it to Grand Central, then walk. However, there’s always a lot of work being done on those two trains on the weekends. Sometimes the 2 turns express or terminates mid-Bronx, leaving passengers to transfer to a shuttle bus running through a truly unsavory part of New York.

The other way is to hope the BX16 bus is running and take that to the 4 train. The ride is shorter, but the walk to the bus is about 20 minutes and the bus ride another 20. I would also have to wait for the next bus, as buses have cap schedules on Sundays.

I chose to catch the 4.

As of the time I am writing this, I am on the L (shirt for elevated) portion of the 4 route. I called my friends to tell them I would probably not make our appointment.

I still have a little over an hour until I make it into the city.



2015 new york Photo Journal

Cold Spring

2015-11-21 21.53.55

Today, mama and I took a day trip to a tiny village up North, called Cold Spring. It’s known as a historic sitemail and has a ton of old buildings.

The travel took some time, mostly because we had to transfer at Croton Harmon. You see, the train tracks north of Croton Harmon are not electrified, like the rest of them are. To kill time between trains,  we had a walk around, but there really wasn’t anything interesting. It was like an airport for trains: in the middle of nowhere.

We got to Cold Spring around 4 pm and immediately began to explore. We saw signs for a barn sale, so we went there first. Mama bought me the prettiest little tea pot.

2015-11-21 21.54.51

Afterwards, we had a look around the town. A lot of shops were either antique shops or cafés. There were a few restaurants here and there too. The majority of Cold Spring is residential.

Another thing I noticed was an abundance of college students and young adults looking around. It seems a popular place to take a day trip, though I heard that there are also several bed and breakfast establishments as well. The village had a quaint feel to it that invites tourists.

2015-11-21 21.55.38

Once it started to get dark, mama and I found someplace to eat dinner. She had something called a waffle chicken and I had a big salad. The restaurant was really nice inside.

Around that time it started to get a bit cold, not helped by the fact that we were close to the water.

Mama and I will likely go back there once it gets warmer. We will also try to get there earlier next time too.