I have so much time now, but I don’t know what to do with it all. I’ve been continuing the job search, working on my art, and trying out some new things. It’s starting to get really hot (we are getting closer to August, which is New York’s hottest month) so I haven’t been feeling […]

Central Park: Blue

I remember a good friend once asked if I would be willing to rent a boat with him in Central Park. At the time, my answer was a┬áhearty “hell no!” For one, I am deathly afraid of being on a boat. Second, I was afraid of losing my phone (i.e. my primary camera) over the […]

Central Park: Green

Although we have yet to implement Brother’s plan to rent bikes in Central Park, we have walked the majority of it over the past couple of years. In our last trip we walked from the entrance at 59th all the way to the subway on 77th. Other times, we have walked as far as 86th. […]


Brother and I have decided that we should visit the city much more often. We’re thinking that we’ll visit at least once a month, now that we’ve found easier (cheaper) methods of travel. In the past, a trip to Manhattan was a treat, a special occasion, as the train fare would be around $30 for […]