A Shock of Color


Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan


T-Minus 37.5 Hours

I will be moving out of my apartment in Anjo in about 37.5 hours. In that time, I still need to finish packing, finish cleaning, get the key from the Leopalace office in Nagoya, call the gas company, run a few personal errands, order new furnature,  and try to find a couple of hours of sleep. Wish me luck.

Adulting, Step 1 Complete!

Until now, Ive been living in apartments rented by the company. Today, I signed a lease for a Leopalace apartment under my name. I guess it’s my first real apartment.

Next, I need to contact the utility companies to move my accounts back over to Nagoya. I also have to get the moving paperwork in order, call the movers, get my new key (Leopalace did me a real solid and replaced the locks for free), and find a new job. Oh, and buy furnature. Not necessarily in that order.

The next couple of months are going to be interesting for many reasons. Among them are two farewell parties (more like leaving the company parties), one of which will be in Kyoto.

I just hope I can find a decent job somewhat quickly. I know my visa is still good for another 1.75 years, but I’ve heard that status can be changed due to unemployment. That is something I would rather not deal with.


On the Road

It’s Obonyasumi, so I’m traveling to Tachikawa to see my friends again.

I decided to take an early morning highway bus to Shinjuku station, from where I will take a train to Tachikawa. The train ride is about an hour.

The bus ride is about six hours. We left at eight twenty and didn’t arrive until after two. There were two short stop offs at reststops to use the bathrooms and grab snacks. I couldn’t really find anything I wanted so I snacked on mochi and grapes.

I will be in Tachikawa for three days before I go back to Nagoya and Anjo.


My New Pet


Is it a plant or is it an animal?


Little Sunflowers


One of my neighbours started growing sunflowers in front of their house. I bet one hundred yen that these things are going to be the size of my head by the end of the summer. Any takers?


Taking Things Day by Day


Much like last week, this week has been going by at a decent rate. I’ve already finished off two work days, with minimal headache, and am thinking about the weekend. I don’t remember things being so relaxed during my time as an ET. Most days I left early and came home late, which didn’t bother me so much at the time. However, having a ten minute commute is something that I might get too used to.