Sun Dappled Path

During Golden Week, I tried to getvout a bit more since the weather was so nice. One place I went was a park near one of the stations on my train line. Although it was only a few minutes from the station, I had no idea it existed until recently. I was also surprised by […]


I’ve never understood why so many people dislike pidgeons. They are pretty fascinating and better behaved than a lot of other wild animals. In Nagoya, there’s a temple that cares for a large flock, where visitors can pay ¥50 for a plate of bird seed to give them. They are also incredibly friendly. I squatted […]

Green & Brown

While waiting for my music lesson, I decided to wait on some benches near the station and drink some tea. Around the benches were grass and wild flowers, growing from what used to be a 3 tiered planter. Also there was a long derelict fountain, which was empty. I imagine it was quite a lovely […]

Preparing to Say Goodbye

My stay in Shizuoka is coming to an end next week, so I’ve been preparing my apartment, getting thinga in order for my replacement, and saying a lot of goodbyes. As much as I love Aichi, I’m really going to miss everyone in Shizuoka and the outgoing atmosphere found here. I hope when things become […]

10 Year Anniversary

In the evening of April 29th 2011, I uploaded my first post on this blog. Never had I imagined that I could be continuing to do so many years later. Nor did I ever imagine that I would meet so many wonderful people or receive such kind support. Thank you all for these past 10 […]