Holding out for the weekend

My workweek is only half over and I’m already exhausted. I haven’t made many plans for the weekend yet, save for meeting a few friends Sunday morning. One thing I need to remember to do is buy a thank you treat for the staff at my school. It’s too hot for chocolate, so maybe some sort of light cookie?


An Attempt was Made

Monday, I bought a couple of flowers on my way home from the phone shop. Having a little cash this month, and needing a change, I picked out two chrysanthemums and a cheap bunch of filler leaves. I had an idea of what I wanted, but no actual experience handling flowers.

I only had a rough layout in my mind: the white one would be taller and the leaves in the back would make a W shape.

Once I got home, I took out a vase that I never used, and started cutting. I remembered mom always said to cut the stems on an angle. From there, I arranged the flowers how I wanted them before putting them in the vase.

Big mistake. The neck of the vase was yoo narrow to use everything, so I put the flowers first, then added the greens.

A Secret Hidden Place

Their feet were heavy as lead. Their throats were dry as deserts. Their packs were hollow. They did not have the strength to go much further.

But it seemed they did not have to. Just when all seemed lost, they stumbled upon this place.

An ancient place. Forgotten. Disused, but still good. It would be enough.

The old ones build this place, though no one could fathom how or why. What had it been for, with its tiny rooms, tiny fountains, and oddly shaped seats? Tiny rooms of prayer, perhaps?

The travelers, lay down their empty packs at the entrance. They bowed at the miniature fountains lining the walls. Behind a lush green curtain, a dull silver hid. The bravest of the travelers ran a hand over it and was greeted by a familiar face.

After drinking their fill from rusted taps, the travelers rested, before gathering their things and continuing on once more.

They did not dwell on this old place, for it had been built long ago and by the old ones, who had shuffled off the mortal coil eons before the current era.


Legends they were, nothing more.

On our way

Today dragged on and on.

Usually, when I have weekend plans to look forward to, my Saturday fly by, but today time moved like molasses. I only had six lessons, instead of the usual seven or eight, with any downtime being used to correct essays or do paperwork.

But all I could think about was our trip to Tokyo.

Now I’m sitting on the nighttime highway bus, somewhere in Yokkaichi, knackered beyond belief, and wearing my friend’s jacket. 

It’s almost dead silent, with blacked out windows, and nothing to do. It’s almost like all my energy’s left, so maybe I should go to sleep so I can get through tomorrow’s sightseeing.

G’night all.