Exposure – The Waterfall

When I went to Tokugawa Gardens, I played around with the settings on my camera. I wanted to emulate the types of flowing water shots you see in photography books.

So step one was to find a waterfall. I lucked out because this particular fall has a lot of little mini ones as well.

Step two was to find a spot to camp out with my gear. I don’t have a proper tripod yet, so I needed a place where I could sit or couch, and be out of other people’s way. I found a large stone IN the river that led off of the falls.

After setting up, I started snapping away, hoping for the best. I quickly learned that I had to keep the camera still for several seconds after shooting for best results. So, I ended up kneeling, and resting the camera (facing slightly upwards) on my lap.

All in all, I think they turned out alright. What do you think?

Wandering Around Saitama

Since my current lodgings are in Saitama, I thought it would be a waste to not look around.

I rode the Saikyo line to Yono, which took a few minutes. Then I went for a walk.

The weather was warm but windy. The skies were a wonderful shade of blue with fluffy white clouds.

A good point about this area is the abundance of greenery. It reminds me a lot of White Plains, in New York.

Once, the daughter of a friend of mine, had mentioned that Saitama was a nice place, and I can finally see what she meant.

If you are in Tokyo, check it sound if you can.

Holding out for the weekend

My workweek is only half over and I’m already exhausted. I haven’t made many plans for the weekend yet, save for meeting a few friends Sunday morning. One thing I need to remember to do is buy a thank you treat for the staff at my school. It’s too hot for chocolate, so maybe some sort of light cookie?