The Longest Day

Today was moving day, so there was lots to do. 

First I had to wake up around 7:30, so I could get ready/finish vacuuming my old apartment, before heading into downtown Nagoya to get the keys. That took longer than expected and involved more speaking than I thought would be necessary. By express train, it takes about a half hour one way, so a good chunk of my morning was eaten up by that.

Then, there was an apartment check by my manager, followed a phone call to the gas company, and various visits by the electric and gas companies to turn off utilities/collect payment.
After all that, I had to help the moving guy pack the moving van. It took a little over an hour to get to my new place. I also helped unpack and carry things up to the second floor. My new apartment is fancy and has various security feature.
About twenty minutes after the moving guy left, the gas company came to turn on the gas and help me start a contract. At the same time, the security guy was setting the home security system.

Then I was left to my own devices. I set up my futon, the TV, kitchen, and laptop. I also put my clothes in the  closet so they won’t get wrinkled. The rest can wait till Saturday.
Eventually I did get hungry, so I tried to relocate the nearby supermarket, but google maps has a hard time with my neighborhood since its old and tightly packed. I ended up in Nagoya. So i did some shopping.
I did get super lost on the way bsck though, since it’s so confusing. Took me an hour to find my apartment. Go me.


An Experiment


After talking with a friend, I set up a makeshift recording studio for the creation of youtube videos. The premise is talking about and reviewing interesting foods, drinks, and snacks I find here in Japan. The videos are mostly a way to share some of my experiences with folks back in New York and it looks like it will take me some time to get used to the new format.


That isn’t to say I’m giving up blogging. Hell no! But think of it as a suppliment to my usual content. If you are interested, you can find my channel here. It has a few travel and nature videos as well.