Stone Murals in Okazaki


Last week, I had an an assignment in Okazaki. I took the JR Toukaidou Line. The station is about thirty minutes from Nagoya.


After exiting the station, I found a large plaza with these interesting stone inlays in the sidewalk.


Okazaki has a lot of history so I’m not too surprised. When I went to the castle-turned-museum, I learned a little about it.


Grand Central (Guransen)

It’s been a while since I last went down to the city.

Usually, I try to take the subway (as it’s a lot cheaper) but from time to time I do use Metro North too. 

Once, I decided to look around Grand Central Terminal and found an old mural painted on a piece of ceiling by one of the  track entrances.

While I admit that I’m no expert but bylooking at it, I would guess it was done in either the 20s or early 30s. Maybe even earlier.

It shows men working on the train tracks during the hey-day of the train industry. That was during the turn of the century I think. It’s incredibly faded and caked with cigarette residue (the yellowing) but still very nice to look at.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any others. For some reason, I have the sinking feeling that they covered over with many layers of paint and that thought makes me kind of sad…