2021 Photo Journal

お月見 (Moon Watching)

Last night was the night of the September Full Moon. In Japan, I am told there is a tradition of eating special rice cakes while admiring it. Since yesterday was such a special day, along with it being my last time seeing a certain elderly student, I was gifted with a box of the appropriate sweets and a can of green tea to go with them. However, due to the overcast weather and plans to move the next morning, I couldn’t spend as much time watching the moon as I would have liked.

2019 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Far Off City at Night

At night you can just see the tallest of buildings from downtown Nagoya from my neighborhood.

2013 Photo Journal

La Luna


Went out with a couple of friends Sunday night. That night, the moon was especially beautiful. The clouds framed it just so… I just had to try and take a picture. And for once, it came out pretty decent…