It has been super rainy this year. I know that it’s technically still the rainy season, and that the heat after it ends is probably going to be unbearable, but the grey skies reminds me too much of New York. I’m sick of all this grey.

A Long Road

As many of you have likely noticed, updates have not been as plentiful as usual. That is because I have been a bit busy and not so much in the mood to blog as of late. This month has been an unusual one both at work and in my personal life. This month, I had […]

Out of Sorts

This week started off on a weird note. Last week was a student couseling week, so the majority of classes were canceled. Private lessons and special lessons were the only things going on outside of counseling, so my shifts were really light. Since my current school didn’t have me involved in the actual counselings, I […]