Back Alley Matsusaka

I was sent to Matsusaka in Mie Prefecture for a couple of days this month. While there, I managed to do a tiny bit of exploring during my lunch break. There are many of these small alleys, lined with mom and pop restaurants. If I had more time, I would have liked to try them.

Ishidori Matsuri

My coworker, K, invited me to the Ishidori Festival this weekend. It’s a famous three day festival held in Kuwana. The festival starts in the evening around seven o’clock and last until about four. At midnight, floats play drums, ring gongs, and yell cheers.


I had a sudden assignment in Kuwana today. The information about my lessons was given to me a little after I arrived, so I was given a little time to prepare. I headed out around one to buy my ticket and catch the train.

Kashikojima Cruise

After getting off at Kashikojima station, you can walk less than 5 minutes to a dock. From that dock you can join an array of short cruises around the islands. The one I used was modeled after one of Columbus’ famous ships. It was approximately 50 minutes long and included a tour of a pear […]

A Train through Mie

It’s been so hot lately that it’s been a bit dangerous to go outside. Still, go outside I sorta did. Being stuck in the wake up- work- go to bed loop had me quite down despite my best efforts. So, I decided to go on a daytrip. After stopping at the doctor’s, I jumped on […]

A New(ish) Start

I started a new assignment this week and so far, it’s been going pretty well. I was at my last school for about five and a half months, and truth be told, things were becoming a bit strained.  My new school is much more relaxed, though a bit further away. It’s also located in a […]

Yunoyama Train

Recently I worked in Mie Prefecture’s Yokkaichi. On my way home, I had some time to kill, before the train came, so I had a little walk around the station.  During that time, I saw this interesting rainbow colored train, bound for Yunoyama Onsen, a station in a hotspring town. I was a bit tempted […]

Golden Mie

Mie Prefecture is best described as spralling acres of farmland interspersed with rivers. Last weekend, a few friends and I went there for a sports meet. We got up super early and met up at the station, before riding a bus for a couple of hours to a gymnasium. On the way home, I managed […]