Just Look Up


Brother and I went to the city last night. On our way back to the subway, we saw this beauty. And before you ask, yes, it is the Empire State Building and this shot was taken around W. 36th.


Brooklyn Bridge – City Hall / Chambers Street Area


During my stint in jury duty, I did get a little time to take a few pictures. I was on the very top of Manhattan (right next to the Brooklyn Bridge) and was quite taken by the architecture there.


Many of the buildings were constructed around the turn of the century, but there is also a few really modern buildings too.


A good number of the buildings in that area are extremely tall, including the court house I served in. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures (or even bring my phone) inside, but I got a (potato quality) photo from a few blocks away.


I think that I wouldn’t be opposed to visiting the area again, during my free time, or with a few friends.



I would really love to snag an office job, somewhere in the city, after my contract with the school ends. Something with a lot of paperwork– a cubicle would be nice– and little customer service work. I want to be a pencil pusher. That’s my current dream.

I want to make a decent salary and to use it to pay off my student loans quickly. I can’t wait to see the end of those things. I also want to save some money to move out and/or overseas. I want to be able to buy food whenever I want.

I’m going to start slinging resumes faster that a McDonalds employee at supper time. I’m going to get my name out there. Watch out world!

Central Park: Blue


I remember a good friend once asked if I would be willing to rent a boat with him in Central Park. At the time, my answer was a hearty “hell no!” For one, I am deathly afraid of being on a boat. Second, I was afraid of losing my phone (i.e. my primary camera) over the side, while trying to take a picture. Mind you, I rarely have ever dropped my phone in the past, but I am nothing if not a paranoid bugger.


Brother once brought up the thought, while we were watching the turtles swim around the murky depths. I remember it being very sunny and sitting next to some overly friendly German man, who was very much confused by our insane laughter, which accompanied my brother’s question.


Though, that man may have be also unnerved by my strange laugh, which I am told is quite loud.


Regardless, this time, we enjoyed the scenery, using our most faithful transports: our legs. We walked around the pond for over an hour, before my copious consumption of iced green tea forced us to look for a bathroom.


It was all in all a very enjoyable visit.

Central Park: Green


Although we have yet to implement Brother’s plan to rent bikes in Central Park, we have walked the majority of it over the past couple of years. In our last trip we walked from the entrance at 59th all the way to the subway on 77th. Other times, we have walked as far as 86th.


This time, we spent a lot of time around the various ponds and small bodies of water found there. You see, although we both of a more-than-healthy fear of any place there is the smallest possibility that we may drown, we are both obsessed with taking pictures of rivers and the like.



IMG_20150515_012954 (1)

Brother and I have decided that we should visit the city much more often. We’re thinking that we’ll visit at least once a month, now that we’ve found easier (cheaper) methods of travel. In the past, a trip to Manhattan was a treat, a special occasion, as the train fare would be around $30 for the pair of us. Now, we figured out a route that takes roughly an hour, is scenic, and costs about $6/person. The savings allow for us to do more than buy lunch in the city. We can go sing karaoke or go shopping. We even plan to rent bikes in Central Park at some point. This summer should prove interesting.