2020 Non-Photography Photo Journal

Aichi SoE Art Challenge: Days 1 to 3

Day 1: Cala Lillies

Recently, Aichi Prefecture declared a state of emergency, which caused a closure of many businesses. Because of this, I have had more time to work on personal endeavors at home. So, I challenged myself to produce a piece of art each day.

Day 2: Rose

As a theme, I decided on flowers. For medium, I pulled out a square Muji craft paper notebook, and oil markers. The paper holds the ink well and doesn’t bleed through.

Day 3: Pansies
2019 Photo Journal


Thank goodness its Saturday.

2019 Photo Journal

Pale, Little Buds

Today, I heard some interesting news. A higher up told me that I’ll be moving to new branch come April. I’ve been at my current branch since last October and the commute is really getting to me. It’s about one hour each way. Here’s to hoping for a shorter commute and a good work environment!

2016 Photo Journal

Spider Lilies


They say these are not flowers you want for a gift. I’ve heard that they are connected to death (besides being poison should they be eaten) since they are usually around temples and cemeteries. At the same time, they are said to mean “I hope to see you  again.”

Right now, there are blooming in abundance. I see them where ever I go, though not really on land that is owned or tended to. They appear on the grassy edges of sidewalks and between people’s houses. Personally, I think they are really pretty, and wouldn’t mind having them in the house… if I weren’t so very allergic to anything in the lily family.