Illumination in Kanayama

There’s an interesting illumination display in the shopping center next to Kanayama station. I’m not sure what the theme is per say, but I imagine that it might be fantasy or something similar. Regardless, it’s rather unique and incredibly beautiful when lit up at night. In the day, it’s a bit… Well, you judge for […]


Spent almost all of the three day weekend in bed due to a bad sore throat and cold. My voice still isn’t 100%, but I can speak again, so it’s back to the grind for me.

A Bottle Full of Faries

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at making one of those faerie light jars, like you see all the time on Pinterest. I bought the supplies at the ¥100 shop: a small caning jar, two strands of LED lights, and a pack of batteries. Once home, I made a hole in the lid with […]

Rose Glow

There’s something really nice about having lights up throughout the whole of winter. It really helps with battling the winter blues. I wish we kept lights up longer in the US.

Skytopia by Naked

It’s been too hot to do much during the day, so I’ve taken to going out night. One of my recent outings was to the Nagoya TV Tower. Every summer, they hold a projection mapping exhibit. This year it was done by a group called Naked. The theme was underwater. For ¥1000 I could watch […]

Ishidori Matsuri

My coworker, K, invited me to the Ishidori Festival this weekend. It’s a famous three day festival held in Kuwana. The festival starts in the evening around seven o’clock and last until about four. At midnight, floats play drums, ring gongs, and yell cheers.

Nagoya Rain

Its been pouring all day today. After work, I needed to stop at the supermarket for dinner, so I went through the side streets to save some time. The rain made the city lights look especially pretty.