Retro Photography

Here in Japan, there is something called a Lucky Bag, which is sold around New Year’s. The draw of such bags is two fold. First there is the perceived value of getting a bag full of items worth more than the retail price. Second is the mystery aspect of what will be in the (often […]

A Little Shop

The sign on the window states that: 1. You must wear a mask 2. Customers are to use hand sanitizer when entering 3. The max number of patrons is three people I have no idea what this shop sells and it was closed when I passed it by at the station.

Oden Season

One of my favourite fall foods is Oden. It’s a Japanese hotpot style dish, with lots of different ingredients, and is sold all throughout Japan during the cooler months. The Familymart near my current school started selling it a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been enjoying it since.


I had a sudden assignment in Kuwana today. The information about my lessons was given to me a little after I arrived, so I was given a little time to prepare. I headed out around one to buy my ticket and catch the train.

Heaping Spoonfuls of Nostalgia

I’ve been finding myself feeling rather nostalgic as of late. I’ve been missing places, things, and people that haven’t been around for years. Every year I usually find myself feeling a bit blue come winter, but it rarely lasts this far into a new year. After doing a bit of googling, it seems this is […]

Pile of Coins

Is there anyone who enjoys a pocket full of change? Something tells me the answer is no. Whenever I have a large amount of change, I either try to use it up while shopping (ie giving the cashier ¥1042 on a ¥492 purchase) or dump it into the ATM. ¥5 coins are the worst though, […]


I’ve noticed that I haven’t been posting too much about myself as of late. I’ve been talking mostly about things I’ve seen or places I’ve been. I haven’t said too much on how I feel. I think that’s because I have very little to say. Work has been fine for the most part. I still […]