Last Day Teaching

Today is my last day teaching classes, while tomorrow will be my last day working at Anjo school. I can hardly believe it. In September of last year, I started working there part-time. In April, I was re-assigned to Nagoya HQ, but I returned in mid-May. 

Since then, I have been working exclusively in Anjo. Now, a new teacher is here and I am supposed to teach her my entire job in a span of about 18 hours.
I have also had to tell my students that they were switching teachers again, some of which are very unhappy. Never have I thought myself much of a teacher, but some of the people I have met are really lovely.


T-Minus 37.5 Hours

I will be moving out of my apartment in Anjo in about 37.5 hours. In that time, I still need to finish packing, finish cleaning, get the key from the Leopalace office in Nagoya, call the gas company, run a few personal errands, order new furnature,  and try to find a couple of hours of sleep. Wish me luck.


When I leave Anjo, I will really miss walking over this quaint little bridge everyday. I will also miss the carp who live in it.

Goodbye carp. Goodbye bridge. Goodbye occasional funky smell. Goodbye odd wooden pub that I all but certain is just someones garage. 

Goodbye fish restaurant next to work, with the sweetest waitress with orange hair. Goodbye work and students who I adore. 

Goodbye Anjo, this won’t be the last you see of me.

Adulting, Step 1 Complete!

Until now, Ive been living in apartments rented by the company. Today, I signed a lease for a Leopalace apartment under my name. I guess it’s my first real apartment.

Next, I need to contact the utility companies to move my accounts back over to Nagoya. I also have to get the moving paperwork in order, call the movers, get my new key (Leopalace did me a real solid and replaced the locks for free), and find a new job. Oh, and buy furnature. Not necessarily in that order.

The next couple of months are going to be interesting for many reasons. Among them are two farewell parties (more like leaving the company parties), one of which will be in Kyoto.

I just hope I can find a decent job somewhat quickly. I know my visa is still good for another 1.75 years, but I’ve heard that status can be changed due to unemployment. That is something I would rather not deal with.

My First Non-Company-Owned Apartment 

Tomorrow I sign a lease for my new apartment. The new teacher is coming to Anjo a couple of days after my birthday and will be taking my current living space. To make things easier for myself, as well as have a space to put off my stuff, I asked my boss if I could move early. She said yes, so I will be moving back to Nagoya the day after my birthday and will be making a commute for my remaining four days of work.

Growing Nearer


August is almost over and with it, my time in Anjo. In mid-September, my contract ends, and I will be returning to Nagoya. I don’t have much in the way of plans yet, other than to move into a new apartment and look for a new job. Now I have a little over a year of EFL classroom experience under my belt, and a JLPT score to help. I do need to improve my Japanese a lot though, if I want a really good job. I think I can pass the N4, but I want to aim a little higher this year with the N3. That means I need some serious study and a teacher. Any takers?

After Hours


Since the weather has gotten so much nicer (less rain, more cool evenings), I’ve been spending a lot of time outside after work. Not many people are out and about, though there are some teens and old men who like to hang out at the park (completely harmless) and a few people who like to mill around the 7-11 five minutes away from my place. Around the station there are tons of pubs and restaurants and the atmosphere is really loud. After talking and entertaining all day, that’s the last thing I want. I much rather watch some teens set off fireworks at the park, while eating some cheap conbini snacks.