An Odd Warm Spell

This morning I woke up to an unusually warm day. Today I was all over the place. I brought my coat to my first stop, but quickly found that I didn’t need it. After lunch, I dropped it off at home. Then, I grabbed a long sweater and scarf . I had been complaining about the cold. Looks like someone heard me and turned up the heat.



I’m looking foward to hanging out with some friends and playing some D&D this weekend. We haven’t been able to meet like this in a long time, due to scheduling conflicts, illnesses, and life in general. Hopefully we can make our meetings a bit more regular in the future. Here’s to hoping that out characters survive 2019!

A Long Road

As many of you have likely noticed, updates have not been as plentiful as usual. That is because I have been a bit busy and not so much in the mood to blog as of late. This month has been an unusual one both at work and in my personal life.

This month, I had to return to New York for a little while to take care of a family emergency. Since I am now settled in Nagoya, the journey to get home can be quite the long one. Few planes leave Nagoya airport, bound for NY, so there is a commute to/from Tokyo in addition to the long flight.

I’m hoping to update more in the near future.

My Semi-New Camera

Being an expat, I’ve seen quite a few friends move away from Nagoya. This week, two of my friends are moving away. One of them contacted me last weekend with an interesting offer. They were trying to lighten their load by one camera and offered to sell it to me. I of course said yes.

I haven’t had much of a chance to use it yet, save for a few test shots. My weekend is pretty packed with a seven hour D&D game on Sunday and a couple of doctor visits on Monday. However, I may be able to take it out Monday evening.

Back Home

Yesterday, we were hit by a strong typhoon, which caused Japan Railroads to cancel many trains. Because of it, I had to stay a bit longer in Tokyo, instead of returning to Nagoya.

Today, I slowly made my way from our company dorms in Saitama to Tokyo station. Then, I took a bullet train to Nagoya, and a taxi to my apartment.

Now, I’m getting sorted, and getting back into life in Nagoya. This includes Yamachan`s chicken wings.

A Room with a View

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Work has been obscenity busy and I’m still trying to get used to life in Tokyo.

Although my school is in Tokyo, I’m staying in Saitama. That means I have a hell of a commute each day.

Here are a few pictures of things you can see around my place in Saitama.