Yuzu Jelly

There’s nothing like a jelly fresh from the fridge to beat the heat on a hot day. This one happens to be a yuzu, or Japanese citrus, one bought from a shop in Akaike. It wasn’t super sweet nor was it incredibly sour. It was just perfect for dessert.


Both of the dishes here were made using things bought at the convenience store. Instant oyakodon sauce with microwave rice. Salad thrown together from bagged veggies and pickles. All in all very delicious and costing under ¥500.

Oden Season

One of my favourite fall foods is Oden. It’s a Japanese hotpot style dish, with lots of different ingredients, and is sold all throughout Japan during the cooler months. The Familymart near my current school started selling it a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been enjoying it since.