Ishidori Matsuri

My coworker, K, invited me to the Ishidori Festival this weekend. It’s a famous three day festival held in Kuwana.

The festival starts in the evening around seven o’clock and last until about four. At midnight, floats play drums, ring gongs, and yell cheers.


The Miso Factory


During Golden Week, I visited a miso factory with a couple of friends. It was pretty interesting. I was not a big place, but it did contain a small museum. Above are the wooden barrels where the soybeans are fermented with koji to make miso paste. Atop the wooden barrels’ lids are a stack of heavy stones,

Children’s Day


Yesterday was a national holiday called Children’s Day. I met up with some friends for sightseeing in Gamagori, Nishio, and Handa.


We visited an island with a Shinto shrine on it, a miso factory, a vinegar museum, a tea house, and a costco.

It was pretty fun.

Plum Blossoms


The plum blossoms are starting to bloom. People are starting to get excited for the upcoming flower viewing season. This year has been especially mild (or so I am told), so the season should be here soon. I have already been invited to two viewing parties, one with the Education Department (my office), and one with a school I have yet to teach at but have a friend at. My friend from Anjo and I are also trying to get something set up with that school and a few of our students.