2021 Photo Journal

お月見 (Moon Watching)

Last night was the night of the September Full Moon. In Japan, I am told there is a tradition of eating special rice cakes while admiring it. Since yesterday was such a special day, along with it being my last time seeing a certain elderly student, I was gifted with a box of the appropriate sweets and a can of green tea to go with them. However, due to the overcast weather and plans to move the next morning, I couldn’t spend as much time watching the moon as I would have liked.

2020 Photo Journal

Giri Choco Attack

The finished product.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so that means that I should give chocolate to my coworkers. This is known as girichoco or obligation chocolate here in Japan.

Cute cat themed chocolate tins decorated with cats and shaped like cats.

So, I went to the shop and bought supplies last weekend. I bought 40 mini tins, 6 bars of milk chocolate, and a few odds and ends for packaging.

Filling up the molds using a spoon took forever.

I microwaved the broken up chocolate in batches and used a spoon and silicone spatula to get it into the tins. Then I shook them a bit to get everything even, before chilling them.

I’ll be handing them out tomorrow. I’ll be in the head office, so 3 departments will be bombed with chocolate.

2019 Photo Journal

Cherry Blossom Pinwheel

2019 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Toyota City Picture Spot

The city of Toyota hosted the Rugby World Cup this year and because of which, the city also set aside many photo spots for foreign tourists.

One such place is in the building where I am currently working. It is visible straight away once you enter through the second floor entrance. It is set up with a tatami mat floor and requires you to take off your shoes.

I think the dry flowers add a nice touch and keep with the season.

2019 Photo Journal

Oden Season

One of my favourite fall foods is Oden. It’s a Japanese hotpot style dish, with lots of different ingredients, and is sold all throughout Japan during the cooler months. The Familymart near my current school started selling it a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been enjoying it since.

2019 Photo Journal

Happy Hina Matsuri

It’s Hina Matsuri (aka Girls’ Day) here in Japan and the station nearest my current assignment is displaying a pair of traditional dolls.

The city is also holding an exhibition of similar dolls until the 10th of March.

2019 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Toyohashi Ogre Festival Display

There’s a new display near the ticket gates of Toyohashi station. It’s promoting a festival on February 10th and 11th. It’s called the Toyohashi Ogre Festival.

According to the sign, it’s going to be held at Akumikanbeshinmeisha Shrine in Toyohashi. If it’s not too cold, maybe I’ll go.

2018 Photo Journal

Slightly Different

An ikebana christmas display thay I saw at a train station.

2018 Photo Journal Tokai (東海)

Ishidori Matsuri

My coworker, K, invited me to the Ishidori Festival this weekend. It’s a famous three day festival held in Kuwana.

The festival starts in the evening around seven o’clock and last until about four. At midnight, floats play drums, ring gongs, and yell cheers.

2018 Kanto (関東) Photo Journal

The Lady

A manaquin at the Tokyo Edo Museum.